Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Trip: Day 2- Spencer's first time at the beach

On Friday morning we got up and drove from Yuma to San Diego. I insisted on stopping at the state border and taking Spencer's picture. Michael rolled his eyes and groaned, but he was willing to get out of the car and participate.

I'd like to mention that if the picture taking in our family was left up to Michael, we would be lucky to have two or three pictures of Spencer the day he was born and maybe one more on his first birthday. I get the camera and I'm like the paparazzi. I'm weaving and bobbing and agressively trying to get the perfect shot. Michael gets the camera and I have to specifically ask him to take each and every picture. That's why there are many more pictures of Spencer with Michael than with me. It's not that I'm not spending time with my baby- it's that my husband is not capturing it.

We got into town hours before we could check into the hotel so we drove straight to Ocean Beach and had lunch. Spencer practiced wearing his cool guy California shades.And we finally made it to the ocean! I think that it's very cool that Spencer's first experience at the beach/ocean was at Ocean Beach. It couldn't be more perfectly named. Isn't this the greatest picture? Doesn't he look like he should be on the side of some product? Maybe sunscreen. This was mere seconds before a rogue wave knocked Spencer over and made us look like very bad parents.
He recovered pretty quickly but was much more willing to hold our hands afterwards.

After the beach we checked into the hotel, Spencer took a nap, we went to dinner and then we went to Belmont amusement park. Spencer was too young/too short to ride a lot of the rides, but we did get to go on a few.
He had a great time riding a panda on the carousel.

He was kind of bored on the crazy submarine.

He had a blast on the boats- mostly because he got to ring the bell.

To be continued.....


The Yager Family said...

I TOTALLY hear you about being the paparazzi! That is me for sure - which is why there are tons of pictures of Jeremy with the kids and few of me :(
Looks like a fun day!

Laura said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! I'm so excited for Sara to be old enough to actually participate in things like that. So, where did you stay when you went to SD?

BTW, isn't it interesting that we all married men who don't take pictures? Hmmm... Josh is actually coming around though, but he still takes more pics of his dog than me and Sara. Grrr...

lady of leisure said... husband must be the odd man out. He takes pictures all the time, so much that it is sometimes annoying! But still they are mostly of only Tyler even if I am holding him, thus there are few of me with Tyler also.