Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Trip: Day 1- From home to Yuma

When I was pregnant with Spencer I had the idea that the summer before "the baby" turned 2 we would take him to San Diego. He would run on the beach and play in the water and it would be glorious and perfect. Then, when Spencer was about 2 months old I was sure we would never be able to leave the house again, let alone drive in a car to another state. We couldn't even make it to the pediatrician without him SCREAMING the whole way.

After a lot of discussion and planning amongst the mommy and daddy of this family we decided that we could go to San Diego this summer after all. The trick was going to be staying in Yuma on the way there and the way back so Spencer was never in the car for more than about 2 1/2 hours. Even with the DVD player and his Baby Einstein movies ("dede" is his word for movie and all we heard for the whole trip was "dede mommy? dede daddy?"), 3 hours is really, really pushing it.

We left last Thursday after Michael got home from work. I had spent the whole day packing, loading the car and cleaning the house so the house would be nice to come home to. Right before Michael was due home and we were to leave, Spencer went into his room, took the containers of toys off his toy rack, and dumped them on the floor. He has never done this before. I'm glad the first time was when I was trying extra hard to maintain order in my home.

Then he stacked the containers in the doorway. Thanks Spence. That helps a lot.

As if that wasn't enough destruction, he took 1/2 the books off the bookshelf in his room and dumped those on the floor. As much as it pained me to, this is how we left his room.Here is Spencer's first hotel room. It was not fancy, but it was clean and big and 50 bucks a night.

We were a little concerned about Spencer's ability to sleep in a hotel room. We needed have worried. We had a king bed and he got to sleep between us. Actually, the truth is, we got to sleep on the edges while he took up all the space in the middle.
More to come......
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The Yager Family said...

Traveling is so different with a kid, huh? I'm looking forward to the rest of the trip pics and stories!!