Friday, July 31, 2009

Flashback Friday

My summer vacation ends next week. Back to work for another school year. I was talking with a friend last week about how I'm actually kind of excited to go back to work this year. That is in stark contrast to when I started back to work last year and when I started back to work after my maternity leave. I was a mess of anxiety and self-doubt each time.

Spencer was born in early September, 2007 and I stayed home with him until he was four months old in early January, 2008. Then I went back to work two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday. We were very lucky that on the days I worked, Michael was able to stay home. We did this until the beginning of June, 2008 when I started summer vacation. When I started work again in August, Spencer went to a baby-sitter for the first time- Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

Michael and I were blessed with four months of colic after Spencer was born (that is meant to be read with a very sarcastic and biting tone). I think Spencer stopped crying all day every day around Christmas time. Maybe Santa talked some sense into him. Anyway, he was just starting to be delightful around the time that I had to leave him for the first time. I wanted to mark the occassion with some pictures that I could bring to work with me.

This would have come out better if Michael had mentioned the blinding light coming through the doggy door.

Much better

The idea of this picture was good. The end result, not so much. Spencer is cute, but I have a fat beluga whale face. One of my favorite pictures of the little peanut. My first day of work was January third. I went in for four hours and it was all I could bare. I raced home and was positive that Spencer was going to be wailing. This is what I found:This was my first day back to work last August.


The Yager Family said...

Wow it is amazing to see how little he was and how much he has grown! Love it!

Maryellen said...

Spencer has always taken a really great picture! I hope you have nothing but fun until you go back next day back is Thursday.