Friday, July 3, 2009

Flashback Friday

About a month after I graduated from High School, I went on a "we graduated from high school and we rock" trip with my friends Laura, Karen, Zane and Richard. That is not what we called it at the time. That's me now, at almost 30 years of age, trying to pretend I know how 17 year olds talk these days.

Chelsea, why in the sam hell did you not go on this trip with us? I don't even remember now. And speaking of not remembering, my pictures from this trip are in an album that doesn't have space to write down dates and memories. At the time I figured I would remember these details for forever. Now, 12 years and 1 case of mommy amnesia later, I don't have dates or information about any of these pictures. I'll try my best.

Karen, me and Laura before we left. We drove from Tucson in the "girl" car. Zane and Richard obviously went in the "boy" car.

Now see, I don't know what night this was. This picture is in the album in the beginning, but then other prints of it show up later in the book. Laura? Help?

I do know that we are sitting on the wall in front of the ocean. We drove up to L.A. and went to Magic Mountain one day. The ketchup and mustard tell me we were eating there. Zane, who is just as fair as me, thought he would get a little pre-San Diego tan a couple of days before we left. He fell asleep outside and ended up with a burn that, now, in hind sight, should have received medical attention. He was purple and blistered and had a fever.

On the first full day in San Diego I got a pretty bad burn on my legs. I think Karen was burned in little splotches in random places all over. Laura and Richard ended up with golden brown tans. We went on the log ride at MM and Zane and I really, really, really didn't want to get wet. We didn't want our clothes sticking to our burnt skin. Laura and Richard, with their golden tans, convinced us that if we sat in the front the water would go right over us. I guess the sunburns caused some brain damage too, because we sat in the front and were the only ones to get wet. Soaking wet. It hurt.( On a side note- I LOVED the shirt that I'm wearing above and wore it until it literally fell apart.)

We called this "blue dress" day. My sunburn was on the back of my legs so you thankfully can't see it. One night we decided to have "girl's night out" and "boy's night out". The girl's night ended pathetically early and we ended up back at the hotel. Bored. So we took stupid pictures of each other. For the sake of our friendship I won't post the ones of Laura and Karen. They're not bad- just not very flattering. I will share the "nice" pictures though. #1- how many times did I wear these overalls on this trip?

#2- our clothes were always nicely coordinating. I don't remember if we planned that, but it seems plausible.Laura is now the mommy of a 2-month-old named Sara and Karen is the mommy of a 1-month-old named Tyler. Do you ever think longingly about trips like this while you're up for the 6th time at night, girls?


The Yager Family said...

OMG I'm sad and angry all over again that I wasn't on that trip!! Do you want to know why I wasn't on that trip? Because MY MOMMY wouldn't let me go. Mom, I hope you're reading this!!
Boy and I can see why, what with all the drinking and drugging and general misbehavior. I definitely would have been scarred for life.
That's it, mom is going to have to babysit ALL our babies while we pretend we're teenages again and head to Cali for a weekend... this time including me!

Chelsea's Mom said...

OK...I can do that....just get me a little help and plan it! Love, MOM (by the way, CP and Natalie..I too did a similar trip but it was actually during college spring break back in 1970 with my buds...I think 17 yr old brains always work the same way and are always equally brain damaged regardless of the decade!!)

Maryellen said... a wet t-shirt...on the crazy girl.

The Yager Family said...

BTW I'm sitting here with my mom discussing this trip now, and she is DEFENDING her position of not letting me go. Humph!

Laura said...

1. That picture of me is NOT flattering. I hate it. It's horrible. I look like a man.

2. The sunburn story had me laughing hilariously. I read it to Josh and he made some sort of comment that include 'dork'.

3. I am ready to do a girl's trip whenever you all are - count me in. I will have Josh or my parent's join in on the babysitting. In fact, Josh is going hunting in September so he will owe me a girls weekend. Let me know!!!

4. That trip was FUN! You definitely remember much more details than I do, but now I want to go look at my scrapbook. BTW, one detail that I do remember - we were there the night that Mike Tyson bit Hollifield's (sp?) ear. That's something I'll never forget.'

5. Finally, I think that you should do a flashback Friday on our other trip to San Diego - remember Frog man and the skatboarding guy? Oh, and the bonfire on the beach? Oh the good ole days!!!

lady of leisure said...

Wow, that was quite a trip. I also couldn't remember why Chelsea wasn't allowed to go...kinda surprising since my mom was quite the party pooper for those kinds of things generally.

I will agree that is a horrible picture of Laura :)

Don't tell our parents but I'm pretty sure the "boys car" and "girls car" on the way out there got mixed up somewhere around Yuma.

And, oh, the sunburns, that was so not fun.

Yes, another trip sometime!! And when was this other trip to San Diego that you mention Laura? In college? I feel like I didn't go on a second one but for some reason the terms Frog man and skateboarding guy and bonfire on the beach ring a bell. Perhaps from you guys telling me the story? Mommy amnesia...