Tuesday, July 7, 2009

AHHHHHH- I missed 22 months!

As most of you know we have been in San Diego since last week. I didn't want to pre-announce on the blog that we would be out of town, though, because I'm paranoid about the house being broken in to. Since we were in a hotel yesterday I wasn't able to show the new pictures of Spencer on his month birthday. It's the first time I've missed emailing or posting pictures on the 6th. I'm sure it bothered me more than it bothered any of you. I have to go to work for two hours in about an hour and then we have a dinner party tonight. I won't be able to do another post until late tonight (which I won't, because I'll be tired) or until tomorrow (which is more likely). Until then, here are some pictures of Spencer at 22 months to hold you over.

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