Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I realized today that I'm going to have to write about 15,000 posts to cover the double birthdays (me= 38 and Spencer= 10) this week, so I should probably get caught up on blogging so I can jump into the fun posts. 

So last week.  Lame.  Boring.  That about covers it.  We're just going to power through from Monday to Monday so that I can start fresh with birthday stuff in the next post. 

I worked on Monday the 28th because I took Thursday the 31st off.  I brought four new pretty file folders with me to work to add to the collection. I'm slowly converting all of them and I love it. 
I also worked on Tuesday the 29th.  I took no pictures that day, at all, but I did have a bunch of screen shots of mountain goats.  I was looking for a funny meme I had seen and in searching came across some amazing pictures.  I never did find the funny one though. 

I worked on Wednesday the 30th.  I asked a 2nd grader if he wanted to play a game for five minutes before going back to class.  He said no, but he did want to stack all of my dinosaurs into towers. 
I actually worked until almost 7:00 pm that day because of an IEP meeting.  The sun was almost set when I walked out to my car.  It was dark by the time I got to the freeway. 

This was a photo that the gremlins in my phone got to.

This was a more true color. 

On Thursday the 31st the kids had early release from school.  I took Spencer in to the allergy doctor for his first dose of Xolair.  We had to wait for two hours after the shot to make sure he didn't have an allergic reaction.  I brought ALL of the electronics with us. 

Parent/Teacher conferences were that night.  We got 100% great comments from both kids' teachers so we went out to dinner to celebrate. 




Good again.  Also, I did not know that poor woman was sitting behind us being forced to be a photo bomber.  I feel so bad now. 
I was home on Friday the 1st.  I think I watched TV all day.  We're getting new DVRs and have to clear everything off of the old ones before they take them, because we can't transfer anything.  I'm down to just needing to watch the new show about the unabomber and I don't want to start until after the last show airs next week. 

On Saturday the 2nd Spencer and I went shopping to start getting ready for his birthday party.  We bought all of the Pokemon supplies. 
While we were in the party aisle of Walmart we saw they had an entire line of Harry Potter party supplies.  We decided then and there to do a Harry Potter party for Spencer's 11th.  And after deciding that, we remembered that Harry gets his Hogwarts letter on his 11th birthday.  So, it's all just too perfect and I can't wait.  Plus, we're 100% ready for the party.   12 months early.

On Saturday afternoon Michael and I were craving cappuccino.  We pulled out the beans, 

ground and tamped them, 

and then realized that the cappuccino maker is broken.
So we improvised. We heated up cold brew in the microwave, frothed some nut milk with a frother from IKEA and it was delicious. 
On Sunday the 3rd my parents flew in to Phoenix after a two week trip to Europe and Russia.  I picked them up from the airport that night. 
And, finally, on Monday the 4th, the day before my birthday, I gave myself a matching mani/pedi.  It's the first time I've put the same jamberry wraps on my fingernails and toenails at the same time. 

Oh, and one more thing. Spencer weighed himself and he's basically the devil. 

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Cat said...

I admire your advance party planning. I'm a planner, but that's like a year ahead of time, go you!