Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Still on vacation at home

I am going to try really hard to power through the last three weeks in my blogs so that I can #1) be caught up in the timeline, but also to #2) actually have some time to read other blogs.  I have to confess that I haven't read a single post since before Florida.  I've just been too busy writing my own posts, participating in a generally busy life and wrapping up work (which has had MULTIPLE problems) before a few weeks off. 

We got home from Florida late at night on Tuesday, June 7th.  Michael's parents spent the night with us and the next day both Michael and I went to work while his parents took the kids to Tucson.  My mom took care of them for the next two days.  Ginger had already been there for two weeks.

My first day back to work we took all the summer school kids on a field trip.  Roller skating.  It was an awful choice for a field trip.
That evening Michael and I had talked about going on a date, but in reality we were too tired, so after I went to physical therapy we got gas in my car, got the car washed, picked up food and ate on the couch.  

This was in the car wash.

We did go out on a date the next day, Thursday the 9th, after we both worked all day.
We had gift cards from two years ago, so we went to The Keg for dinner.

My steak

Michael's steak
Then we snuck ice cream pints into the movie theatre and saw Captain America.

I had another physical therapy appointment on Friday morning.  Have I even mentioned that I started going to PT?  I hurt my neck several years ago and have pretty much ignored it for way too long.  Now I have ruined the muscles in my neck, upper back and chest so I have a long road ahead of me for recovery.  But, PT is working, so I'm happy about that.

After PT we went to Kneaders for breakfast.  We'd never been for breakfast and wanted to give it a try.

I had a bacon and egg croissant sandwich. 

Michael had all you can eat french toast.  BTW, I did not take those pictures.
We drove down to Tucson after breakfast.

On Saturday we stopped at Walmart on our way to Josh and Laura's house.

Poppin' Fresh was there!  And then NOBODY believed me that his name is really Poppin' Fresh and not the Pillsbury Doughboy and I had to google it to prove it.

We were spending the night with Josh and Laura that night so they decided we should all just drink.  Heavily.

And eat meat.

I took some sips for these pictures,
and then only had a single glass of wine after that.  Michael, on the other hand, drank the whole watermelon, ate all the fruit, drank something like a 12 pack of Mike's Hard Lemonade and did some shots.  He was not well the next day.

We spent a lot of time in the pool, both before and after dinner, but I took no pictures.

I did take a picture of the Peppa cookies we brought to share.

After we got the kids ready for bed we all colored.

And then the kids watched Zootopia,
while the adults continued our coloring party. Josh made his picture very naughty, but it was destroyed before a photo could be taken.
And then, even though we had grand plans for the night, everybody, adults and kids, went to bed at the same time.  Which was 10:00 pm.   Which was delightful.  Except for drunk Michael snoring next to me.  But still, delightful.

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Cat said...

I always called him the Pilsbury Doughboy. Who knew? Obviously not me lol