Friday, December 11, 2009

Flashback Friday/Santa's Wonderland

Last week I showed you the Santa pictures from Spencer's first Christmas. (That was the anorexic Santa.) We had some neighbors last year that decorated their entire house, dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus and then sat in their garage and let kids take pictures with them. Free is better than paying any day of the week, so we took Spencer for a little free Santa fun.

Spencer didn't think it was so fun.

We let him walk around and check out the lights before trying again.Mmmm. Still not fun. We tried Mrs. Claus. No go. (To be honest, I was a little freaked out by her too. She had a woman beard.) One more try. He really freaked out this time. I should submit this to that website that has all the pictures of crying babies on Santa's lap. (Did you notice the tiny dog in the background?)

This was the best we could get.
2009. 2 days ago. Spencer and I met Megan and baby Hadley at the Bass Pro Shop. Are you familiar with this place? I was not. It's this big shop (something like 4 billion square feet) for outdoor enthusiasts. They have an entire Santa Wonderland right now that really is a Wonder Land. You can get a free 4 x 6 with Santa. I made a deal with Spencer. Sit on Santa's lap and don't cry and we'll go see the fish in the aquarium.

He's not smiling or looking at the camera, but he's not crying. The picture I took isn't any better.Then Michael met us and we had a family picture in the pine forest. And then we got to see the fish!

I am by no means an outdoors enthusiast. Natalie and outdoorsy and not uttered in the same sentence, ever. But I was mightily impressed with this store. We're planning on going back sometime. Check out this tree.
It was decorated with fish!


Karen said...

Thanks for the info. I am all for a free Santa picture for Tyler's first Christmas. Plus Bernie will be super excited to have an excuse to go to Bass Pro. And then I will spend the next two weeks explaining over and over why we don't need/can't afford a giant boat.

The Yager Family said...

Love a good crying baby on Santa's lap picture... we never got one with Lilly, as she seemed to immediately think Santa was her best friend in the world both years. We're heading to see him today, though, and I'd put my money on Zackary providing us with the crying pic I've always wanted!

Mimi said...

How do you think they decorated that tree?