Friday, May 12, 2017

The calm before Friday

This week has been pretty mellow.  I worked my typical two days and didn't have any appointments or plans on my off days.  It's been nice and relaxed. Nothing at all like today is going to be.  But that will be its own post soon. 

On Monday my speech therapy aid called just as Elliott and I were leaving to take Ginger for a walk.  I ended up taking my phone on the walk with us so I got this nice picture of the neighbor's jacaranda tree when we got back home.  Out street is covered in purple flowers from this tree and three more at the other end of the street. 

Spencer started reading The Prisoner of Azkaban on Sunday.  He couldn't put it down on Monday. 

Ginger was just typical Ginger. 

I worked on Tuesday.  I waited on hold with the IRS for 30 minutes while I wrote an evaluation report and an IEP.  They made a mistake with my company in 2015 and I wasn't sure what I needed to do about it.  Turns out when they make a mistake it's just, "Oops. We made a mistake.  Sorry."  If I made a mistake I'd probably be taken off to jail. 
Spencer has been working on a huge 3rd grade project (a "wax museum") since spring break.  The poster board was due on Wednesday morning so on Tuesday night we did a trial run with his costume. 

There will be a mustache and grey hair during the wax museum at school. 

On Wednesday I made grain free, low carb bagels. 

They were decent.  I served myself some sugar free jam too. 
I also made a double batch of detergent on Wednesday.  A single batch lasts us four months, so we should be good until Christmas.

The directions say to turn your jars over and let them separate into layers before blending or whipping them.  I've never understood this step but I've always done it.  I finally decided, since I had four jars, to experiment with turning two over and two not.  I figured if I ruined the two I didn't flip over I would still be left with two that were OK. 
They have to sit for about four hours.  I took Elliott to school during that time and went to Home Goods and Sprouts and then came home to Ginger waiting for me with her face in the window. 
After whipping I have come to the conclusion that there is no reason they need to be flipped.  They all came out exactly the same.  I think the flipping is needed if you put your jar straight on a blender and blend them, but I use my hand mixer so it doesn't matter which layer is the top or the bottom. 
I bought this new basket at Home Goods to store the jars.  I'm pretty excited that I'm done with detergent for eight months.  I'm not excited that it will fall right in the middle of the holiday season.  Maybe I should buy two more jars and make another batch right now so we're good for a year.  Oooh.  Now that's an idea. 
Wednesday afternoon had lovely weather so Elliott wanted to play outside.  We recently dumped all the gross sand out of the sandbox, so what did I do?  Put him in there with his kinetic sand. 

We ate outside again on Wednesday night.  The orange stuff is butternut squash.  

We started out in the sun. 

Then we moved everything over to the shade.  It was much better.
I worked today.  It was a long day.  I was walking into the conference room for a 3:00 meeting when my sunglasses broke.  The frame just snapped as I took them off my face as I walked inside.  Weird.

There was not a single cloud in the sky as I drove home and I would have been blind by the time I made it without sunglasses, so I "borrowed" some from Elliott.  Elliott always has about seven pairs of sunglasses in the car.  These were the only ones that were big enough for my adult face. 

And that brings us to right now! Friday will be a doozy of a busy day.  Saturday has nothing and then Sunday will be blogging galore with Mother's Day.  Posts will be coming soon. 

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Cat said...

Can you please share your laundry detergent recipe? I think you may have once in a blog years ago??? I'm not saying I'll actually make it any time soon, but in case I get motivated one of these days. Does it save you $?