Monday, May 8, 2017

Mostly just 85 pictures of Ginger

Mike and Cathy left to go back to New Hampshire last Saturday, April 29th.  Spencer and I went to the party in Phoenix that night.  On Sunday the 30th we just wanted to stay home.   All day.  And not do anything.

Ginger was waaaaaaaaaaaaay on board with the plan.   

We really did mostly nothing that day, but I did sneak in a tiny bit of organizing.  My uncle gave me these stamps that had belonged to my aunt.  Cathy didn't want them and neither did her mom (they both use stamps in their card making) so I moved them to the garage.  They are still out there if anybody wants me to hold them for you. 
On Sunday evening we also took all of the cars seats that we've been holding onto to a recycling event at Target.   I didn't want to donate them because car seats should not be reused and I hate to just throw them away because, ugh.  But Target will take them apart and recycle all that they can.  So, yay Target.

This was in Michael's car for a long time.  I think both kids used it.

This was Elliott's seat in my car from about age three until a few months ago. 
This was Spencer's first forward facing seat.  We used it from the time he was one until he was about five.  I still can't believe we used to turn kids around at age one. 
This was Elliott's once he outgrew his infant seat.  It was rear and forward facing, so we used it from about 10 months to 3 years. 
Our Monday last week (May 1st) started out with a bang when Elliott got up with a puffy face and an eye that was swollen shut.  He came out to me and said "I think I have a medical issue that needs professional help."

So, off we went to the doctor.

Diagnosis: eye infection and sinus infection. 
We spent the rest of that day at home. 

Ginger was adorable as always. 

I love it when her legs are all tangled. 
Spencer got his first sunburn ever last Monday.  He wore a tank top to school and came home with pink  shoulders.  By the time I was nine and a half I had had probably five to ten serious burns in my life.  But I still feel like a failure for this. 

Have I mentioned that Elliott sprouted a bean in preschool and we planted it and it's actually thriving?

I think it's funny that you can still see the bean.  I wonder if it will ever fall off. 
On Monday night Michael got Elliott's clothes out for Tuesday.  He picked out a shirt and asked me if I had just bought it because he had never seen it before.  I assured him it was at least a year old and that Elliott had worn it many times before.  

This is the shirt.  Picture taken Tuesday morning May 2nd, 2017. 
Then I had a Facebook memory from Monday May 2nd, 2016.  

What are the chances of that happening?!  It's incredible!

I worked on Tuesday the 2nd and went to happy hour with Steve (physical therapist) and Tracey (occupational therapist) after work.  Then Michael brought the kids to meet me at the same restaurant and after Steve and Tracey left we stayed for dinner. 

Selfies while waiting for our food. 

Not selfies while waiting for our food. 

The next post might be less Ginger-centric.  It might not be.  It's anybody's guess. 

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Sometimes you just need a day to do nothing. :-)