Sunday, May 14, 2017

Friday morning

Friday morning started bright and early.  I got up and ready and got both kids to Spencer's school by 7:40 for the 7:45 Volunteer Appreciation breakfast. 

Last year it was held on the outdoor stage and it was a bit toasty.  This year it was in the library.  Thank goodness. 

Each grade made one of the table runners.

Except for 3rd grade.  They made the banner hanging under all of the gifts. 

I asked Spencer's teacher to take our picture. 
Then Spencer wanted to take ours together. 

I felt a little ridiculous sitting while she stood, 

but then I felt like a giant standing next to her. 
Each grade put together a different gift for their volunteers.  I'm pretty sure I got this exact same bundle last year. 
After the breakfast Spencer went to class, Elliott and I came home and walked Ginger and then we waited for my parents.  They arrived around 9:30 and then it was time to go back to Spencer's school for the 3rd grade wax museum.

The wax museum is a project they have been working on since spring break.  Each kid picked a different historical figure and researched them and then wrote a report about them. All of that was done at school.  They also had to put together a poster about the person at home and put together a costume to dress up as that person. 

This was Spencer's poster. 

And this was the sneak peek of his costume, before we added the grey hair (baby powder) and the mustache.

I got there a little early to help the kids get all set up. So I also got to be there for the class picture. 
Spencer's poster was the first one when you walked into the room.  I'd like to believe that is because it was the biggest and the best.  But I think it's just because it was the biggest. 
Each kid had a short spiel memorized about their person.  The wax museum activity was that all of the guests walked from desk to desk, pushed the red button and then listened to the spiel. 

I took a picture of each kid in his class.  All four 3rd grade classrooms did the wax museum, and we walked through all of them, but I didn't take pictures of all of them. 

Muhammad Ali

Martin Luther King Jr.

Henry Ford

Dr. Seuss

Amelia Earhart

Pat Tillman

Ruby Bridges

John F Kennedy 

Christopher Columbus

Abraham Lincoln

Alexander Graham Bell

Bill Gates

Thomas Edison

Albert Einstein

Benjamin Franklin

Neil Armstrong

Rosa Parks

Jackie Robinson

Helen Keller

George Washington 

Walt Disney

Susan B. Anthony

After the wax museum we rushed home and fed Elliott and then got him off to school.  Then my mom, my aunt Janis and I went out to lunch while my dad and Ginger took naps.  And I took 0 pictures because my phone crashed when I tried to upload the video of Spencer to Facebook.  But it's OK, because there are 500 more pictures of the afternoon and evening coming soon. 

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