Monday, May 15, 2017

Friday evening

We celebrated Mother's Day with my parents on Friday evening because we knew we wouldn't be together on the actual day.  I made Sunday brunch for dinner. 

I made an egg casserole,

bacon and sausage,

toffee muffins, 

and berry fruit salad

Spencer wanted a picture showing that he can wink (because my mom can't wink).

After dinner we headed to Elliott's daycare graduation.  Yes, you read that correctly. Elliott attends daycare one day a week and has only attended one day a week since right after he turned four.  The daycare had a graduation for all the kids heading to kindergarten next school year.  So even though he'll still be going for another six weeks,

this is what we did on Friday night. 
The "ceremony" lasted for 90 minutes.  Yes.  90 minutes.  The ceremony for my master's degree didn't even take that long.  And they read everybody's name and we all walked across the stage and got our diploma. 

This is Elliott's teacher with him.  They all got a medal.

And a certificate.

And another certificate. 
There was also a bag with a t-shirt in it that he got as he left the stage. 

The cutest part of the ceremony was all the kids singing "What a Wonderful World" with a bunch of hand movements that really made no sense. 

The also sang their school theme song. They passed out fake instruments for it. 

There were some forced pictures after. 

We were interested to find out that Elliott wants to be a pilot when he grows up because they take people to different states and Mexico. 
I'm going to throw Saturday in at the end of this post, because it was quite uneventful. I went to Penzey's.  That's pretty much all I did. 

I got a new Barbecue seasoning (of the Americas.  I already had the BBQ 3000), 

Fox Point to replace my almost empty bottle, 

and Mural of Flavor. 

I got Ruth Ann's and 4/S for free. 

And a tiny Pie Spice for free too. 
There was also a big bottle of Arizona Dreaming that I got for free, but I forgot to take a picture of it and it seems not important now. 

Up next: Mother's Day and then a very important guest post about grief and grieving. 

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