Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The rest of Easter

I believe that my last post ended with the conclusion of the egg/candy hunt and breakfast.

After I figured out the timer we took some official pictures.  First we needed to do Elliott's 5 year- 4 month glamour shots.  We headed outside for those. 

Checking the lighting first. 

None of the pictures outside were great.  The sun was in a tricky spot to get anything that wasn't shadowy. 

I think I mentioned before that I forgot our camera at home so I was using my mom's camera all weekend.  I don't know if the settings got changed on it or something else, but all weekend I had a hard time getting shots that were clear with the right amount of light.  Everything was blurry and too bright or too dark. 

We were in the middle of our family pictures with the timer when my parents got home from church. 

Timer picture

Mom picture
Then we went to church.  My parents went to 8:00 mass, which just was not going to happen for us, but we were able to make 10:00 mass happen. 

After church we took pictures on the side of the altar.  I had no idea people were waiting behind us, because Spencer was doing stuff like this. 

Michael and I voted and decided this is the official picture. 
Back at home after church, guess what we did?  If you guessed took more pictures, you would be correct. 

The Dad series.

The Us series

The Mom series

Then I made my dessert.  Cookie cups filled with chocolate mousse with a chocolate bunny on top.  You will notice there are 11.  There WERE 12 until my dad ate one of the cookie cups early in the morning and pretended like it didn't happen. 

Group pictures after we ate

My dad pretty much ruined Easter with the cookie cup debacle and whatever this is. 

Spencer was hiding his money behind his back, 

so my uncle got out some of his cash for comparison. 

The bunny cake was cut and served

And I took the world's most overexposed picture of my dessert plate. 
After Easter dinner we had to pack up and drive home.  I had forgotten that I brought down our bunny ears, so before I put them in the car we had to use them. 

The drive home was terrible strictly because every drive home is terrible, but when we actually got home I somehow found the motivation to wash my make-up brushes, 

And ALL of the Easter eggs.
We had a little collaboration with the Easter Bunny and decided that next year the eggs will just be empty.  Maybe we'll put some cash in a few of them.  But no more little cookies, crackers and candy.  It's too much work.  You know.  For the bunny. 

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