Sunday, April 16, 2017


It felt so good to be caught-up in the blogging timeline last week, so I'm going to keep the motivation going before I inevitably fail, like, on Wednesday. 

When I last left you in was Thursday evening and I was blogging about Thursday evening.  Remember how amazing that was?  Remember how it felt to be so alive?  No? Just me?  

Once I hit "Publish" on that post I decided it was time for an Eastery Jamberry manicure.  I didn't order any actual Easter wraps, but I felt like this was faux Easter. It's called Trippin
I feel like my nail photography is lame and lackluster. 

Also, my fingers are NOT this tan.  It's all very weird lighting. 

On Friday I made the kids Beary Good Toast for breakfast.  A memory had come up on Facebook that I made it for Elliott a year ago so I thought I would keep the tradition alive. 

I used blackberries instead of bananas for the ears. 

The rest of the day was spent working out, going to Target, packing, driving to Tucson, going to happy hour with my dad and then having dinner at my parent's house.

On Saturday my mom juiced ALL of the oranges from their orange tree and made my dad a glass of juice for breakfast.  This is it.  This is ALL the juice.  He probably spent 1.8 million dollars on water for the trees for this glass of juice. 

We dyed eggs on Saturday morning.  I actually participated this year.  Usually I only take the pictures. 

Ginger was so excited about it. 

After the eggs it was time for the annual bunny cake decorating.  Elliott had requested a red velvet cake for this year. 

At one point his face fell off, but my mom, being a cake plastic surgeon, reattached it with toothpicks. You can't even tell. 
Michael took the kids to his parent's house in the afternoon and I ran errands all over Tucson.  I went to Penzey's and took these pictures to post on the Penzey's fan club group I belong to on Facebook. 

I needed to buy a few spices, but I really stopped by to get my free Embrace Hope Spring/Easter Mini Gift Box.
Of course they were out of them, but they were offering three other free gift boxes, so I picked the one that cost the most money. Ha!  Not actually because it cost the most, but because I really like the Northwoods Seasoning that came in it. 

Every thing in the box was free.  The stuff on the right is what I went to buy.  Except I made a mistake and bought Krakow Nights instead of Tsardust Memories. 

This is what I meant to buy, but my brain got Russia and Poland confused. 

Up next: Easter. 

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Cat said...

We discussed your cake over our Easter brunch as we did NOT have bunny cake this year-1st time ever.