Sunday, April 2, 2017

Paint by numbers

Last Saturday, March 25th I joined the rest of my sisterhood at Joni's house for a light lunch and a paint by number session.  

Joni had ordered kits from amazon for all of us (we had picked which one we wanted from a selection of about seven), but nobody realized just how frightening the canvases would be until we opened the boxes.

This is mine.  And it was one of the less intense selections!

For the public

True feelings!

Lauren and Shireen picked the same one.  I think their canvas was the worst. 

Chatting and eating before we got started on the painting.

I think we painted for about 90ish minutes before people had to start leaving.  This is what we all finished in that time. 

This was mine. 
I brought it home and finished it that afternoon.  Otherwise it would have been about 2027 before I finished it.  2027 or never. 

Maryellen is the only other one who finished hers that day (but also at home, not at Joni's). 
After I left Joni's house I went to Ross and Home Goods looking for Easter towels for the bathroom. I did get some, but I also found some pig towels and some bacon towels for the kitchen. 
I got all of the Easter bins out of the garage that afternoon, but a week later this is still all that I've managed to do.  I skipped Valentine's Day AND St. Patrick's Day decorating this year.  My heart just hadn't been in it. So I am bound and determined to do Easter!

The big white bunny was my Aunt Karen's.  My uncle gave it to me.  He also gave me a huge and spectacular stuffed turkey for Thanksgiving.  So yeah, feel free to cry. 

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Sherry said...

I love the paintings! I may need to get one of those kits. I really enjoyed painting last summer. Also, I am pretty positive that white bunny is my own bunny's long lost sister. Mine looks exactly the same except light brown. It is beautiful and very soft. You can see it in the post of Mattie's nursery. So yeah, it is pretty special. We can get together while holding our bunnies!