Thursday, April 13, 2017

Holy Week 2017

Our week has been pretty ho-hum.  There's not much to report.  But I'm going to report it because, and this is fantastic news.....When I click "publish" on this post I will be completely, 100% caught up in the timeline of life.  That hasn't happened since probably January. 

This is Elliott dancing on Monday.  Yes, his dancing face seems awfully mad. 

I worked on Tuesday.  I met my friend Tracy for happy hour after work and then met Michael and the kids for dinner.  Then I went to Target to get a few things for Easter.  I went to a Target I don't usually shop at and saw these T-Rex salt shakers. 

But ONLY the salt shakers.  Some monster bought all of the pepper shakers. 
On Wednesday Megan notified me that her Target in California had only pepper shakers and no salt shakers.  She bought one for me.  That's friendship!
Elliott and I went to Ross and bought some new shower towers for the kid's bathroom.  Then, when he was at school. I scrubbed the tub to a glistening shine.  There is no before picture, but trust me, it was gross. 
We also went to the mall on Wednesday and I bought the kids new Easter shirts.  Crazy 8 had a buy one get one for 88 cents sale. 

I got out all of our Easter clothes to make sure there is cohesion. 
I also packed a huge box of give-away toys and DVDs.  Spencer used to be super into Barney.  Elliott never was.  I guess that's what being the little brother vs the big brother will do.  Little brother with a big brother gets exposed to "cooler" stuff. 
I woke up today (oh my God, I'm blogging about today TODAY) to a new filter on this photo.  The app has decided it's a favorite.  It's old favorite was a picture of Betty White drinking wine, so this might be better. 
Then I went to work. 

The pink roses are blooming.  I think it's funny that every year the red roses bloom first and two weeks later the pink ones start. 

I mailed my school pictures to people who requested it on Monday.  They started arriving today, or actually, people started sending me pictures of the picture of the picture. 

Jeannette's refrigerator in Michigan

Megan's refrigerator (and son) in Massachusetts. 
And finally, the last thing I did today before I started blogging was figure out my continuing education situation.  I have a license through the Arizona Department of Health Services, a certification through the Arizona Department of Education and a national certificate of clinical competence through the American Speech-Language-Pathology Association.  They all last for different amounts of time.  DHS is two years, DoE is six years and ASHA is three years.  They all require ten hours of continuing education per year, thank goodness. 

I got an email today from ASHA saying my three years will end on December 31.  So I had to do some research (just in my big binder of documentation) to see how many I have left to do.  

For ASHA I need 10 more hours by the end of December.  For DHS I need 20 more hours by the end of August 2018 (because I've done none since my last license started), so 10 this year and 10 next year.  I am about halfway through my DoE cycle and I have 30.5 hours, so there are 29.5 to finish by September 2020.  

I'd better get crackin'.  But not this weekend.  This weekend is all about Cadbury creme eggs, pretty Easter clothes, and, of course, the resurrection of Christ. 

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Cat said...

I'm still laughing about the salt and pepper shakers. And I feel like a bad friend for not requesting a photo.