Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017: the chocolaty part

Easter 2017 started the way that all Easters start.  The kids got their baskets first.  This year we did a bathing suit and rash guard shirt (which we always do), and then a beach towel and some pokemon cards.  I think I'm done getting them toys for Easter.  I think I'm done getting them toys in general, actually. 

Baskets from my parents. 

Cash from Gramme and Grandpa

With the baskets empty it was time to hunt some candy and eggs. 

Look!  Winston came! 

He brought an entire nest of eggs.  Because what we really needed was more candy. 

Elliott hit the jackpot in this book. 

Ginger got in on some of the action. 

The bunny cake was hanging out on the bar waiting for his moment of glory later in the day. 

Neither of them noticed the actual factory of candy on the globe until I specifically pointed it out to them. 

They also didn't notice the wall of Twix on the window sill.  Maybe they need to have their eyes checked. 
The hunt took about 20 minutes.  When we took this picture Elliott was still missing a big chocolate bunny so I left Spencer's out of the basket too so it didn't appear unfair.  It took us almost an hour to find it.  Maybe next year the Easter Bunny should draw us a map so we can help. 

Obligatory pictures

I think these towels are going to be great.  I don't think we've ever bought towels since being pool owners.  Isn't that crazy?

After the hunt and the obligatory pictures we had breakfast.  While we were eating I played around with the features on my mom's camera to figure out how to do the timer.

This was not it. Also, what kind of feature on a camera takes the same picture and puts it into a 16 picture grid?  That's just bizarre. 

Figured out the timer!

A little too well.  It kept taking pictures as I was walking.  Apparently the timer will just keep taking a picture every 30 seconds until you turn it off. 
Up next: the rest of Easter- the picture and holy and family parts. 

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