Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Beauty and the Beast and a self-haircut

Last Friday (the 7th) I dropped Elliott off at school and went to Kohls to buy a Beauty and the Beast shirt to wear to the movies the next day. 
Then I picked Elliott up and we went to Spencer's school so I could prep an Art Masterpiece Lesson. 

He climbed up on these chairs in the Art/Music room while I was cutting 1 billion strips of colored construction paper and asked me to take his picture. 

Shirt slightly edited for privacy. 

Our passport cards were in the mail when we got home.

Passport cards heavily edited for privacy. 
I made a pot of butternut squash for dinner.  It was delicious, but while I was using an immersion blender to blend it I got a 1st degree burn on my hand.  Boiling hot butternut squash soup is no joke. 
As we were assisting Spencer getting ready for bed (he needs lots of reminders to stay on track during the getting ready for bed process) that night we noticed he was either balding or he had cut his own hair.   
He totally lied about doing it and denied any knowledge of how this could have happened.  The nails in his coffin were the big chunks of hair in the bathroom garbage can. 
On Saturday Michael took the kids to get haircuts and then they went to see Boss Baby.  I grabbed a bottle of wine (for after) and an iced coffee (for during) and met Lauren and Maryellen to see Beauty and the Beast.  Our theatre was next to my boys' theatre, but because of the movie times we never saw each other. 

After the movie we all went to John and Maryellen's house and hung out for a few hours.  We took pictures of the accessories we had worn for the movie.

My shoes. 

Maryellen's earrings. 
I have an app on my phone that does cool things to pictures.  It will sometimes automatically use a filter on a picture on my phone and then present it to me.

This was waiting on Sunday morning.  How perfect is it that it put us in Paris?  Except Maryellen's entire body is missing and I look like I had a horrible accident on my chest. 
Spencer's professional haircut on Saturday was awful (not as bad as his self job, but still really bad), so I made Michael take him back on Sunday for another haircut. 

They took it so short we discovered a scar on his scalp that we never knew was there.  It is unbelievable to me that my kid could have something like a scar on him that I'm not aware of where it came from (or when),  considering I've spent almost every single day of his entire life with him. 

Spencer colored this Pikachu on Sunday.  He took this picture.  

I took this one and then I roasted him on Facebook. 

My burn progressed. 
We had a Salvation Army pick-up scheduled for Monday morning, so Michael and I put everything out by the front door after the kids went to bed.

I bought this stereo the summer of 1997 with money from my high school graduation.  It's been living in the garage for about eight years.  

Goodbye old friend. 

Goodbye all of you crap. 
Then we moved this chair back into the living room after it has been living in the garage under sheets for about two years.  We checked it thoroughly for snake and scorpion nests. 

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Cat said...

I saw "Beauty and the Beast" in a snowstorm, on March 31st. There is no need for snow on March 31st.