Thursday, December 15, 2016

Winston Watch 2016- Part 1

Winston returned, as he always does, the day after Thanksgiving.

On Friday, November 25th he was in the dining room at my parents house hanging out in a coffee mug.  He brought two new mugs (Snoopy for Spencer and Grinch for Elliott), hot cocoa mix and a very nice letter.

On Saturday the 26th Winston took a ride on the turkey that hangs from the ceiling fan in my parent's kitchen.

On Sunday the 27th he was waiting by the kitchen door in a tissue box to make moving him to our home safe and easy. 

He rode in the back with our laundry and Ginger. 

On Monday the 28th Winston brought new plates for the kids. 

He was cozy in an electric candle on the table. 

A little feud with the Grinch started on Tuesday the 29th.  Winston trapped him under a heavy glass cake cover.

The Grinch got his revenge on Wednesday the 30th when he trapped Winston under the same cake cover on the opposite side of the table. 

There were shenanigans on Thursday, December 1st when Winston was upside down with his foot in the mouth of the Mickey nutcracker and his hand in the mouth of the mini nutcracker. 

On Friday the 2nd it appears that Winston was drag racing in an RV. 

He didn't feel bad about it either. 

On Saturday the 3rd Winston was trapped under a ball in the ball chute of the play "house".

He was playing peek-a-boo in the lamp shade of the hallway bathroom on Sunday the 4th. 
We had to look for a while on Monday the 5th before we found Winston with the whole Mario crew in Spencer's room.  They had all moved into a Christmas box they took from under the Christmas tree. 

They must have stayed up too late that night because on Tuesday the 6th Winston made his own scarf hammock under the entry way table so he could nap and lounge all day.  

He brought lollipops for the kids. 
Winston made his own breakfast out of our leftover spaghetti on Wednesday the 7th.  Nothing like spaghetti with marinara, chocolate sauce, maple syrup, skittles, marshmallows and cookie crumbs for breakfast. 

Winston was a real joker on Thursday the 8th.  He taped jokes all over the wall in the hallway leading to the kitchen. 

Friday the 9th found Winston in a private TV viewing.......boat?  Would you call this a boat?  An air boat?

We found Winston riding a blue reindeer on Saturday the 10th.  The reindeer is new this year and was actually new last week.  It didn't take them long to find each other. 

Winston was in the tree on Sunday the 11th.  He had made and brought a paper chain countdown for the last 14 days until Christmas.   There was also a letter explaining what to do with the links. He's so considerate. 

On Monday the 12th Winston revisited an old favorite of ours, except that this time he replaced our stockings with our socks and not our underwear (which was a diaper for Elliott at that time). 

On Tuesday the 13th Winston decorated the bathroom to get ready for Elliott's upcoming birthday party. 

He was back in the lamp, only this time he was upside down. 

On Wednesday the 14th Winston was found playing tic-tac-toe with Wonder Woman. 

They were using skittles for their tics and tacs.  

Today, Thursday, December 15th found poor Winston in time out, tied up by the tooth fairy for eating all of the candy from the tic-tac-toe game.  I hope he gets let out for Elliott's birthday tomorrow. 
Part 2 coming soon!  
Probably after Christmas!  
Probably in January!  
So really, not soon at all. 

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I love the Winston posts!