Monday, December 19, 2016

Elliott's 5th Birthday

Elliott's birthday started with a visit from Winston.  It was extra special compared to every other December day because he was in Elliott's room and he brought Elliott a Milky Way.
Spencer left to go to school and then Elliott and I got ready and drive to Phoenix so we could go out to breakfast with Michael.  Elliott's request. 

We tried taking some 5-year-old pictures before breakfast.

We went to First Watch to eat.  It was surprisingly crowded. 

I made Elliott take his 5 shirt off before eating chocolate chip pancakes.  He looks absolutely horrendous in this picture.  He's only head and he looks like a skinny skeleton. 

He got a free berry shortcake because it was his birthday.  He let his parents share. 

I asked the hostess to take a picture of the three of us.

Specifically so I could make this comparison. Too bad the parents are on the wrong sides. 

More pictures after breakfast.

Official 5 year
After breakfast Elliott and I went to Maricopa County Superior Court because I needed to get some paperwork and we were fairly close-by. 

He wanted to climb these steps after we left.  I told him it was fine, but I didn't want to go with him. 

I took Elliott straight to school after the courthouse and then I went home and made about 60 pounds of frosting for Elliott's birthday cakes.  I got two of them done before I had to go pick him up from school.

The kitchen did not fare well. 

I went to pick Elliott up a little early so he could pass out some gifts to his school friends.  We're not allowed to bring food treats to share any more, so this appears to be the new "thing" to do. 

That afternoon it was time for presents. 

New shirts (Elliott's reaction: "hate them")

Avengers picture


A scooby doo DVD

Iron Man

Another Iron Man (somebody was being a distracted shopper)


Avengers calendar

Justice League picture

I made them take this picture,

For this comparison. 

Then we did block pictures.  Which were very forced. 

Elliott's pick for his special birthday dinner was the food court at the mall.  He wanted everyone to eat at Subway with him.  I drew the line there. 

Elliott and Michael got Subway.

Spencer got McDonald's.

And I went for Rubio's.
We stopped at a bakery on our way home for dessert.  Two cookies for me, cheesecake for Michael, a big cookie for Spencer and a brownie for Elliott. 

He went to bed in his Avengers pajamas to get in the mood for his super hero party the next day. 

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Cat said...

I can't believe he's 5. He was a baby (okay a toddler) last time I saw him. Sigh