Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Jammies

I was looking at the pictures from last week post-Grinch on Sunday and pre-Elliott's birthday on Friday to see if I had enough for a whole post.  I don't.  The only thing of any interest or importance were the pictures I took on Monday (the 12th) of the kids in their Christmas jammies.  So I decided I'd turn it into a whole post.  Really, it just buys me a bit more time before I blog about Elliott's birthday and birthday party.

It has become a bit of a not-on-purpose tradition to get the kids matching Christmas jammies each year and then take their picture in front of the tree. 

In 2012 it was t-rex Christmas jammies. Probably my favorite of all time.
In 2013 they both had the jammies that Spencer is wearing, but I failed and never got a picture of them together. 

2014 was elf on the shelf jammies and I got all artistic with the picture taking. 

2015 had more t-rex jammies, but they weren't as cool as the 2012 ones. 
This year I really struggled with finding any.  Either stores had winter jammies that weren't really Christmas, or they had girl jammies and no boy jammies. Or they were just too expensive.

I finally decided on these Christmas boxers from Old Navy.   Mostly because they were about $2. 

I found some t-shirts at Walmart and called it good. 

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