Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Baby, nails and the Grinch

The end of last week was quite exciting!

#1.  On Thursday (the 8th) I wore my new blingy tree shirt to work. 

#2. On Friday (the 9th) I picked Elliott up from school (I saw his gingerbread man while waiting), 
and we headed to the hospital where Monica and Rick had introduced brand new baby Hadley to the world two hours earlier.

She was in the same hospital where I lived for two weeks before Elliott was born.  Monica was actually in the room across the hallway from the room I was in.  I made Elliott pose for a picture outside of room 10.  Oh how I loathe room 10 after spending two weeks there and only leaving once for 10 minutes.

Look how tiny!

I can't believe I have two good friends with daughters named Hadley now.

Monica was a good sport for taking this picture two hours after giving birth after being in labor all night. 

6 pounds 2 ounces and 19 inches long.

Great Uncle Travis

After we met Hadley I rushed home and then rushed to meet Maryellen for dinner at Tempe Marketplace.  Then we went to Shireen's house for a holiday boutique she was hosting. 

I bought no clothes. 

I did buy a jamberry kit though.  I'm pretty excited about it. 

I bought 4 sheets of nail wraps.  These are going to be the first ones I do. 

#3. Saturday morning I had to take a class to renew my Article 9 requirement and CPR for a new supervising position I'm starting in January.  It was all sorts of boring. 
That night though we went on kid dates, which we haven't done in a long time.  Spencer and I went to dinner and the theatre.  It's our favorite date. 

Before we left.

Our view at dinner.

He was pissed at me that I made him wear pants and a sweater, so this was his opposition at dinner. 

This lasagna took him about 4 meals to finish. 

We saw The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  Photography was not allowed, but I found this image on Google.  It was a great production. 
We went to Kneaders after.

I threw caution to the wind and got a gingerbread boy with chocolate pants. 

He came with his neck broken. 

Spencer wanted cheesecake. 
#4. On Sunday we went to a bookstore to meet the Grinch. When we went last year there were ZERO other people.  We just walked right in and said hi.  This year we were assigned a group number and had to wait for nearly an hour.

They had a photo backdrop outside to waste some time.  Unfortunately it was in the bright sun. 

They also had story time. 
Elliott insisted on wearing his hair spikey.  He said it would confuse the Grinch and he wouldn't know who he was.  That's actually fairly impressive logic. 


We had planned on just getting a snack after the Grinch, but it took so long we decided for full on lunch. 

And finally, Ginger's nose when in full force sniff mode Sunday night. 

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