Monday, June 6, 2016

The beginning of summer vacation

Elliott finished school on Monday the 23rd.  Spencer on Tuesday the 24th.  I worked half a day on Wednesday the 25th before taking two weeks off.  I'll have another two weeks off in July.

After I got home from work on Wednesday we went to the mall.  We were mostly there to buy a salt lamp for Elliott's room, but we happened to wander into Burlington Coat Factory (where I haven't been for a good 10 years) and I happened to find the perfect pair of jeans.
I had never heard of the brand Kut from the Kloth.  I hate the name (I despise it when companies change the spelling of words.  Why can't it just be Cut from the Cloth?????), but I looked them up on-line and apparently I got some $80 jeans for $20.  Not bad.
That night Elliott and I went to see Mr. Chad at the very last Wednesday night of food service for his food truck.  He and his wife Erin are opening up a restaurant in the fall so they are selling the food truck and taking time off to prepare.  We gave them a salt rock candle holder as a "graduation present" (graduating from the food truck to a real building).

The next day they thanked me on instagram.  Oh, BTW, apparently I started an instagram account in 2012 but had never done anything with it.  Now I have three pictures posted.  Go me.

On Thursday the 26th, Ginger started the day with lots of energy. 
My parents came up from Tucson for the day.  They brought Nick with them at my request.  We hadn't seen him yet since he got home from sea last month.  We all went out for lunch at TC Eggingtons.  Then my parents went to see a play and we took Nick to the Museum of Natural History.

Elliott is still totally obsessed with the jail.

We have been waiting for close to a year for them to open this room.  We have slowly and painfully watched them building it and working on it.  It was worth it because the kids loved it and didn't want to leave.

That big tree trunk is a slide.

They also have green screen movie projections where you can be part of the movie.

And tunnels to climb through.

I bought this dinosaur from the gift shop last year to hang in Elliott's room!
We also went out for coffee in downtown Mesa and the kids got ice cream.  No pictures.

That evening I was driving and saw this at Little Caesars.  I was stopped when I took the picture.  Apparently they had a gas leak.

On Saturday the 28th Michael and I decided we really needed to start using our espresso/cappuccino maker.  We bought it when we were occasional and not daily coffee drinkers.  Now we are daily and sometimes multiple times a day coffee drinkers. I made almond milk cappuccinos.  I need to take a class to learn how to make foam art.
We also took a picture to show how we feel about all of us being off of work and school for eleven days straight.

On Saturday evening we went to a pool party at Brendan and Travis's house.

On Sunday the 29th I realized immediately that I had left our camera at Brendan and Travis's house.  So, back out there we went. 

We stopped on the way and checked out some model homes.  'Cause that's what we do.  

Michael loved this huge island.

I was a fan of this enormous double decker island. 

This house with the double decker island had a basement.  Basements are fairly atypical in Arizona. 

There was another entire kitchen down there. 
After we got the camera back and all of the boys took a dip in the pool we went to see the model home that Brendan and Travis are interested in buying.  

We're ready for the first party at their new place.  You know, that isn't purchased or built yet.

Can't wait to take a shower there. 

This is from a different house.  Not the one they want. 

And finally, I bought this shirt on the way back home. 

It was a really good start to the summer.

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