Friday, June 3, 2016

Spencer's last day of 2nd Grade

The morning of Spencer's last day of 2nd grade was a tiny bit stressful because I had to take all his pictures, get the kids ready for school and day care and me ready for work.  But we powered through and took some truly awful pictures of Spencer.

But just for future reference, these are "my really good smiles" - Spencer, May 24, 2016.

Just like for Elliott's post, the last day of school picture is on the top followed by the first day/last day collage. 

Michael got home from work before I did, so they went back to school to take the at school by the door picture.  It still counts because it was the same day.

When I got home from work we took his class of 2026 shirt pictures.

2nd grade

Flashback to Kindergarten,

And 1st grade.

Three year comparison
As soon as I got all the pictures loaded I took pictures of their boards and then had Spencer clean them and put them away until they start school at the end of July.

And then I took my daily picture of Ginger.  Once again using her expensive bed as a footrest.

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Cat said...

Second grade, huh? I remember when I met him and he was only two lol. Hope he had a great year and that third grade is now going well.