Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Back to normal life

I'm getting so close!  I'll be less than two weeks behind once this posts.  And it would have posted even sooner except I loaded ALL the pictures and then they just disappeared.  So I had to load all of them again.  Good lord.

Let us journey back to Monday, June 13.  Spencer had his six-month check up with the dermatologist.  She is convinced that his bruising was actually caused by his steroid cream since the hematologist found nothing of concern.  Well, that's nice since last time, in December, she said the bruising had nothing to do with the steroid cream.

Elliott made goofy faces while we waited.

I started my new Tuesday/Thursday work schedule the next day.  I worked Tuesday/Thursday for years and years and then two years ago moved to Thursday/Friday for an entire variety of reasons involving my speech aid's schedule, my sitter's schedule and Michael's work schedule.  But now, due to my aid's schedule changing, I'm going back to Tuesday/Thursday (except for one week in July).

Anyway, at work that day I did a photo shoot with the red bird of paradise right outside of my office.  They don't look this nice after two straight weeks of 110+ plus highs.

Spencer had team and individual pictures taken for swim team that evening.

And Elliott did day #2 of swim lessons.

That night I did a little surgery on this dress.  I bought it for a great price at Ross and love the actual dress, but was not thrilled about the cheap plastic chain sewn on the neckline. 

The dress surgery was necessary because the next day I wore that dress to a funeral.  I had thought about covering the scars with a strand of black beads, but actually went with some flower corsages as camouflage. 

The funeral was very close to Michael's work, so I dropped the kids off with him and they went to brunch while I was there.  It was one of my more creative child care arrangements. 

The funeral was for the wife of the Director of Arizona Boy's State, so my dad, having known them for 40+ years came up from Tucson. 

The kids came to the little reception after and Spencer took these pictures.

He was bothered by the man standing in the background, so, 

I did some creative editing, much to his amusement.

This fake wall isn't half bad, actually.
On Wednesday night I accidentally banged my already sore legs (from lifting weights after no workouts for two weeks) on the couch and I sat down on the couch to rub them.  And then the crew came to help mom by repeatedly bouncing on my lap. 

Thursday was Elliott's half birthday.  I remembered about his monthly pictures when there was about 15 minutes of daylight left.  I have never missed his picture on the 16th in four and a half years so we went screeching outside for a quick photo shoot. 

And finally, there was a heat advisory on Friday the 17th, but we got fed up with being at home so we went and got the car washed and I think went to the grocery store.  Spencer took some very fun pictures in the car wash.

Oh, and on our way back home we saw the license plate.  Nate's Lady.  I was going to text it to Kendra because she is Nate's Lady, but I'm pretty sure I never did. 

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