Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Florida- Day 3

In case I haven't mentioned it already, the reason we went to Florida was to attend the high school graduation of our nephew (Michael's brother's son) Bryant.

It is just total coincidence that my brother and Michael's brother both ended up living in Tampa at the same time.  Michael's brother was sent there by the army and my brother ended up there because his wife Kendra matched to her fellowship in oncology there.  

Anyway, we had been talking about going to the graduation for several years and I'm glad that we were able to do it and it was just extra convenient and wonderful that we got to see my brother at the same time.  Michael's brother and his family moved to Honolulu (today actually) so we have no idea where our other nephew and niece will graduate from high school. 

The graduation was on Friday, June 3rd.  Have you noticed yet that each day of the trip matches the date?  I noticed on day 2, June 2nd.

Since we were getting all fancy for the ceremony I wanted to take a nice family picture.  I thew around the idea of going to the beach to do them but the reality is that it would have been way to much work.  So we had Bella's baby sitter take some shots in the backyard.  

I wanted this plant to be in the background, but it was too sunny at that time.

Much shadier.
I 2,512% appreciate that Stephanie took horizontal and vertical pictures for us with no prompting whatsoever.  She has four kids.  She knows.

We had pre-arranged for Elliott to stay at home with Stephanie and Bella while the rest of us went to the ceremony.  I can think of few worse things in the entire world than Elliott sitting quietly in an auditorium for hours and hours.

It was a good call because we got there more than an hour early and the ceremony took about 2 hours.
We texted this picture to Michael's brother while we were waiting. He was sitting in the same row as us but about 14 people away.  We told him we missed him.

Stephanie texted this picture to me.  The kids were taking a little break after playing with the water table.
I took a whole bunch of pictures during the ceremony, but I will not bore you with all of them.  Here are some highlights.

Pictures after

And then we sat in the parking lot trying to get out for almost as long as we sat in the graduation.  It was RIDICULOUS and the most poorly planned thing I've ever seen in my life.

Michael and Spencer went back to his brother's house to hang out with his family and I went back to my brother's house to get Elliott.  Then we all met up at dinner.

The whole group.

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