Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Elliott's last day of preschool

Last summer I had decided that I wasn't going to start first and last day of school pictures with Elliott until he started kindergarten.  I was going to take a few of him, of course, but not do the whole series that I have been doing with Spencer.  I didn't start Spencer's until Kindergarten and I figured that would be good enough for Elliott too.

Then Elliott had his own opinion and he insisted that he do all the same pictures as Spencer.  Michael was home with us on the first day of school, so it wasn't that difficult to get everybody ready, photographed and off to school.  The last day ended up being easy as well because not only was Michael home, Elliott ended one day before Spencer.  His last day was Monday, May 23rd, which I think is totally ridiculous.  Why end the school year on a Monday?  Just call it quits on the previous Friday.

So, I give you all of the last day of school pictures.  They will be on top with the collage of the first day/last day right below.  

He really grew a lot during the last 10 months, didn't he?  He still looked very much like a toddler when he started and now he's straight up kid.

While Elliott was enjoying his last day of school I was enjoying a work day in which my entire schedule was ruined by water day.

My school really does water day right though.

After work I stopped at a second hand store that Lauren and Shireen had raved about.  I got a Banana Republic dress, a Liz Claiborne dress, a Gap shirt (for less than $2!), two t-shirts and a cropped jacked for $40.

This jacket was $4.50!

And finally, once I was home from work we took Elliott's last day of school in his class of 2030 shirt.
That is picture number one of 15!

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Cat said...

So darn cute! Time sure flies. And on an unrelated note, my last day of school was a Monday last year due to a snow day.