Thursday, June 30, 2016

A double big day

Spencer had his first swim meet on Saturday, June 18th

I had agreed with Michael that I would get up early with Spencer and take him to the pool for the first half.  Then Michael was going to bring Elliott to the pool and we'd switch.  Michael would stay with Spencer and Elliott and I would go home.

We got there at 6:30 am.  It was brutal.  Also brutal was the heat, because it killed my phone.  Well, killed it temporarily.  I was unable to turn it on the entire time we were there.  Which means that I couldn't call Michael and let him know that the half way point was going to occur way sooner than we expected.  He got there with about 20 minutes left of the whole meet.  At that point my phone was still busted (and we didn't know it was heat related yet) so we decided to go out for breakfast and then go to Verizon to get a phone repair or a new phone.  The phone started working right before we left the restaurant.

But none of that is really important.  Let's look at some totally exciting swimming pictures!

Waiting to warm up


Walking to the first race.

The first race was freestyle.

Waiting for his time sheet.

Second race- backstroke.

Getting his ribbon

Waiting to dive for the third race- breast stroke.

This is one of Spencer's problems. He looks around too much during the races.  It slows him down.

Getting ready to dive in for butterfly.

It was a great first meet.

That evening we went to Monica's mom's house for a house warming party/gender reveal party/birthday party.  Let me explain.  1) Monica's mom and step-dad, Kathy and Bobby, bought a new house in North Phoenix.  2) Monica and Rick are having a baby! 3) One of Kathy's friends was celebrating a birthday.

Kathy had a friend make a gender reveal cake.

We're still not sure why it was covered in nipples.

Housewarming cake

Birthday cupcakes

After dinner it was time for the big reveal.

They're having a girl!  Sometime around Christmas.  She's due December 26th.

I wanted to take this picture because Monica's having a baby in December, Sara's getting married in May and I'm just hanging out over here with no important life changes. 

And thank goodness for that.

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