Monday, May 30, 2016

Yogurt bar and book exchange

I hosted the May get-together for my ladies group.  It was sort of last minute in that I only volunteered to host it a few weeks in advance because nobody else had volunteered.  I decided to do a brunch time yogurt bar with different toppings. 

I also made streusel topped banana muffins and had coffee.
After we ate we did a blind book exchange.  Everybody brought a light, easy summertime book to exchange with a friend.  We wrapped them in paper or put them in a bag so the person selecting didn't know what they were picking.

It was fun to open a little "present".

Shireen picked the book that Brenda brought.

Brenda picked the book that I brought.

Joni picked the book that Shireen brought.

Maryellen picked the book that Joni brought.

Lauren picked the book that Maryellen brought.

And I picked the book that Lauren brought.

The books

A very light picture of us with our books. 

A very blinding picture of my head due to the mirror behind us.

A fake head added to my face.

Silly, but still rather blinding.
Not so blinding, but blurry.  I had not originally been wearing my sisterhood shirt, but I changed when Maryellen and Brenda showed up in theirs so we could be three and three.  And then Joni, Shireen and Lauren all coordinated!

It was a perfect day.

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Cat said...

You guys are so creative with your ladies get togethers. I love it!