Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Master Bathroom Progression

The first time I stepped foot in our house was September 21, 2012.   Michael and I had been looking for houses for almost three months and were starting to think we would never find one.  Then, on the morning of September 21 our house (that obviously wasn't our house yet) was listed.  I was there to check it out about seven hours after it went on the market. It was the first house that I saw without Michael. We actually made an offer on it before he ever actually saw it in person.

This is what the master bathroom looked like on 9/21/12.  I took this picture during my initial tour with our realtor.

And this is the photo from the listing.
I was throwing a shower for Monica in May, 2014 and made it a goal to have at least part of the bathroom redone by then.  In April 2014, we took down the huge mirror and the original lights.

We put in three light bars instead of the two that had been there. 

And bought three framed mirrors from Kirkland's to hang on the wall.

We also painted that month. When we painted we took down the medicine cabinet. 
And covered the hole with a beautiful canvas.  I pretty much don't plan on ever filling it in.   I'll just buy a new canvas if this one ever fades or gets ratty.

We got it all done in time for the shower.  

11 months later we added a ceiling fan.

That was useful for when, 12 months after the shower, I stained cabinets. We also added hardware. 
I wanted to add new faucets when I did the staining, but three piece faucets are unexpectedly very expensive.  So we waited.  Then a few months later the left faucet and handle started dripping.  And three piece faucets were still very expensive, so when the leak couldn't be fixed, we turned the cold water off on the left sink.  And that is how it remained for eight months.
We bought new faucets in December, but we let them sit in the box until this April.

Just a reminder.  Old faucets. 

And finally, last month, we put in the new faucets.

And for now, the bathroom is done. 
Eventually I would like to use one of those countertop painting kits to do a faux granite.

I like this one in Sicilian Sand.
And the ultimate, ultimate plan is to rip out the tile and re-tile everything, including building a walk-in, doorless shower, much like this

or this. 
I hope to write that post within the next, mmmmm, 16 to 20 years.  

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Cat said...

Perhaps you could set a goal to finish the next bathroom redo before the Easter Island trip?