Thursday, May 19, 2016

Massachusetts Day 3

Day three started at Shauna's house.  We got up way too early for a Saturday and went to drop her car off for maintenance.  Then we walked down the street for breakfast.  We actually ran into one of her friends at the restaurant so we ate with her and her boyfriend.  Once her car was done she dropped me off at the airport.  I rented a car and than picked up my parents who had flown in from Virginia.  They had already been traveling for a month.

With all of that done, we headed to Mashpee, MA for the wedding.

We were staying with the parents of the bride at the timeshare they booked for the week.

I stayed in the little den area.  It had a sliding "wall" that closed it off from the living room.

First things first, I ironed my dress.

And my dad mopped the kitchen floor.  ????? I still don't understand why he mopped the kitchen floor.

My parents had their own bedroom with twin beds.  Pete and Julie (parents of the bride) had another bedroom in the house. 

My parents did some laundry that afternoon.  The prescription bottle had detergent in it.
Once we were unpacked and rested and ready we headed to the wedding which was about 2 miles away.

Amy and Dan did a fantastic job decorating with little touches everywhere.  This, for example, was in the bathroom.

As was this.

I took a bunch of pictures so I didn't forget to later or have to deal with crowds of people getting in my way.  I'm always thinking about the blog.

They had a person taking polaroid pictures of all of the wedding guests as they arrived.  It was the "guest book".
It had rained that morning and it rained after the ceremony but the rain miraculously held off during the ceremony.  Well, I felt like 10 drops, but it wasn't anything serious. 

I didn't get very many shots of the actual ceremony.  I wasn't going to be THAT person. 

We had cocktails and appetizers on the patio (with many gas heaters) right after the ceremony.  Dinner and the rest of the reception was all inside. 

Our table

I took this sign home with me because Amy insisted that I do so.  I don't know what to do with it.

This is a new thing with putting the bridesmaids flowers around the cake.  This was not yet a thing when I got married.  Nor was having your own hashtag.  Nor was hashtagging at all.  Nor was social media.  And for that matter, nor was digital photography.  Why am I so old?

Do you remember when I told you that there would be a best outfit competition at the reception?  Best outfit being defined by being the most "Cape Cod".  Well, the participants were chosen by the bridesmaids.  I watched the entire process.  They walked into the crowd and grabbed the first person they saw. Then they were shown one by one and the crowd clapped and cheered and Amy and Dan picked the winners based on the crowd response.  I claim bias.  This was an unfair competition. Want to know how I know?  My dad was selected as a finalist.  He was wearing a bolo tie.  The bolo tie is the state tie of ARIZONA.  It has nothing to do with Cape Cod.

Here's my dad with his 100% not Cape Cod outfit being presented.

This was the lady winner.  Um, no.

This was the male winner.  I think his suit was seersucker, so I'm OK with it. 
We got funfetti cake at our table.  There seems to be some sort of history with the groom and funfetti cake.  It was part of one of the toasts.  I heard rumors there was red velvet too.

There were lots of polaroid cameras making the rounds. And you know what?  I left that night with these pictures, but I don't remember unpacking them.  I wonder where the hell they are. 
There was an actual band, not a DJ.  I don't know the last time I went to a wedding with a band.  They were good too.

My parents and the bride's parents.

Me and Amy with our dads.  Our dads met in 1957.

Amy's new husband Dan (behind her) and her brother Mark (on the end).
And that was the end of the night.  The wedding reception ended at 10:00, which I was lovely.  I had feared having to stay up until midnight, which would have been difficult because as we established earlier, I am old. 

Amy posted a bunch of pictures taken by the photographer on her facebook page on Monday, just barely more than a week after the wedding.  I really appreciate photographers and brides who are timely with such matters. 

These are the professional pictures for which I will say nothing and give no captions.  Oh, except for the two pictures where I located myself in the crowd.  The order is also completely random so it goes from before the wedding to the reception to the ceremony and all timelines contained within there. Pay no attention to those logistics.  Just scroll.  

All the wildcats.  Well, most of them.  My mom is missing so I'm assuming others are too.  I'm there on the right in the back.

I'm in the second row on the very edge.  It was chilly.

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