Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Let me tell you something.  Coming back from a wonderful trip at midnight on Monday night/Tuesday morning is AWFUL.  There is nothing good about it.  Especially when small people live with you and their other parent leaves for work at 5 am and they are depending on you for things like food and getting to school.

I've been home for almost 48 hours and I seem to be declining in energy and stamina.  And now I have to work for the next two days, which will probably totally put me under.  So, with my exhaustion in mind, here's a VERY simple (easy!) post to hold you over.

I was watching the local news while I was packing last Wednesday and was surprised to see a person from ASHA being interviewed.  ASHA is the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. I am a member and also hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence, which is issued by ASHA.  If you're ever in the market for a Speech Language Pathologist or Audiologist you want to see the letters CCC-SLP (speech language pathology) or CCC-A (audiology) after their name.  Every time I sign my name on any paperwork I have to add M.A., CCC-SLP to the end.  It's really efficient. 
Michael's parents came up from Tucson on Wednesday evening.  They stayed with the kids while Michael took me to the airport.  

But first, pictures.  They both refused to put clothes on.

We stopped at Starbucks on the way to the airport.  I had already decided I wasn't even going to try to sleep during the flight.  I was just going to read.

I got a flat white with an extra shot of espresso.  It did the job.  I read for the entire flight.
After Starbucks I remembered three things I forgot to pack, all which were easily purchased from Target so we popped over to Mesa real quick before getting to the airport.
I had gotten an email from Jet Blue telling me to get there at least two hours early because of long lines in security.  Even with the stops at Starbucks and Target I got there 110 minutes before my flight.  But I needn't have worried because it took me 3 minutes to breeze through security. 

The next post will be more fun and Bostony, I promise.   I just need to sleep for 24 hours straight first. 

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