Friday, May 6, 2016

Kitchen Progression

For those of you that read my previous post about the bathroom progression, you know that the first time I saw this house was September 21, 2012.  I took these pictures that day.  I've always wondered if the flowers had always been up above the cabinets or if they were specifically added to sell the house.  They seem rather random.  I also wonder if the house had always been white with very little hanging on the walls or if that too was specifically to sell it.

This is the picture from the listing.
We had been living here for a month when we had Elliott's first birthday party.  It's hilarious for me to now see how we had things decorated.  I was so stressed about unpacking, decorating for Christmas and throwing this party that stuff got put up somewhat randomly.

We had Spencer's 6th birthday party in September, 2013.  Not much had changed in those 9 months.

After staining the guest bathroom, the hallway linen closet and the master bathroom I finally decided I was comfortable enough with the process to start in the kitchen.  I thought the island was the safest starting point.   I did it in May 2015.

I was going to wait a while before starting on the lower cabinets, but a month later in June I said what the heck and took some before pictures.

I used the java color on everything "lower" in the entire house.
We lived like this with two tone cabinets for eight months.
Until one day in early February, when I finally, finally decided on a color for the uppers.  I took the before pictures that day.

It took close to two months to do everything.  The java color took three coats with 24 hours dry time in between.  I used candlelight on the uppers.  It took 4 coats with 48 hours dry time in between.   And I had to do the doors in two batches because there are so many of them. Oh my god, it has been such a pain.

The after!

We also added handles and knobs.

And a beautiful pendant light over the sink.

It's so cool with the copper on the inside.

Here's the side by side.
And once again, just like the bathroom, the kitchen is done for now.  Someday we want to replace all the tile in here, but it's continuous with the family room, the laundry room and the pantry, so that's a lot of tile. We also want to do a tile backsplash, which will hopefully happen much, much sooner. 

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