Friday, May 27, 2016

Crazy dog and other normal life

I'm getting closer!  This post is about last week.  Last week!  That's relatively recent history I do say.

Elliott stayed home from school on Monday the 16th because of his multiple trips to the vomitorium the day before. I made him some plain toast for breakfast but he only ate half of it so we gave the other half to Ginger for a little treat.

Of course she couldn't just eat it like a normal dog.  She had to go bury it in the backyard first.

What a goof.

Spencer had an orthodontist appointment after school that afternoon so we took Elliott's four year- five month pictures while we were there.

I got used to drinking hot coffee during my time in Massachusetts so I had a cup on Tuesday the 17th.  Of course I used my new Black Dog mug.

Ginger did not approve.

That night Michael took Spencer to see the Diamondbacks vs the Yankees.
While they were gone Elliott and I had a home date.

He took a shower,

and then we watched The Grinch.  Because it's May.

I took two pictures on Wednesday.

This is what our coffee table looks like all the time now.  Dang kids!

I took one picture on Thursday.
I went on a field trip at work on Friday.  I took lots and lots of pictures, but because of confidentiality I can't show you any of them that are unedited.  And I don't have any desire to spend all my time editing out the kid's faces.
We went bowling.  It was one of those places where you can order food to be delivered to your lane.  I thought, rather seriously, about getting a glass of wine, but decided it wasn't worth losing my job over.
On Saturday I made a batch of detergent.  The last time I made a batch was January 31st.  I've been making my own detergent for four years and I still marvel at how cheap it is.   I probably spend about $5.00 per year.  And we do like 10-15 loads every week. 

Michael put together the new wardrobe.  It took most of the day.

I moved his work shirts and sweaters/sweatshirts into there. 
I promise my next couple of posts will be more exciting and less like watching paint slowly peel from the wall. 

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Which team did Michael cheer for?