Thursday, May 26, 2016

A quick, busy trip to Tucson

I am trying so, incredibly hard to get caught up on the blog before we go to Florida and I fall behind again.  I'm slowly, yet surely, getting there.  This post is about Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th.  That was less than two weeks ago.  That's progress.

We drove down to Tucson on Saturday the 14th after Spencer was done with his swim team prep class.  Laura came to pick me up at 3:00 that afternoon.  We went out for coffee, went shopping and then went to an early bird dinner at 5:00.  We sat at the bar and ate appetizers and drank wine and it was very lovely.

Our original plan was to go to one of those wine and canvas painting places, but they were closed that day for private graduation parties, so we decided we'd just drink wine and color instead. We only had one coloring book, but we made it work.

My finished masterpiece.

Laura's half masterpiece.

Michael joined us about an hour after we got there, and then things got weird.

Very, very weird.
We also played 90's monopoly.  The boys won, but only because we gave them a very, very big clue for one of the questions. 
Elliott woke up on Sunday morning and started vomiting.  It was great timing since my cousin was in town with his wife and their two kids and we were having them for brunch that morning.  He went a very long stretch with no vomit, but he carried this bowl with him the entire day. 
We facetimed with my brother because they were having Bella's second birthday party.  We watched the party for about ten minutes. 

The kids played together downstairs after we ate.

Ginger cared very little for anything but her morning nap.


Cousins and spouses 

Multi generational 
After brunch we left Elliott with my parents and headed to a surprise party for Laura.  She recently got her master's degree.
Since it was a surprise party all the guests were there before the guest of honor.  Chelsea and I toasted Laura wherever she was.  Which was at a birthday party with her kids.

Laura arriving.  She had NO idea whatsoever what was going on.  It was awesome.  She was so surprised.

Toasting Laura with Laura present.

The kids swam.
We had tried getting Elliott to nap before we left for the party, but it was a no go.  He stayed in bed for over an hour but never fell asleep.

This is how we found him when we got back. 
Apparently he fell asleep on the couch soon after we left and stayed there sound asleep the entire time we were gone.  He had a little nightmare a few minutes before we got back where he flipped himself into this position. 

I was sure that moving him would wake him up, but no.  He really did not feel good.  He's still talking about the day that throw-up came out of his mouth and he was so, so sick. 
We drove home soon after, totally exhausted from the fun weekend and totally ill prepared for the week ahead. 

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Cat said...

Someone gave me one of those coloring books, but I still haven't used it. Maybe I'll bring it to AZ.