Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Break- Week One

I'm back!  I've actually been "in the mood" to blog for a while (after wanting to completely quit a few weeks ago), but was out of town and/or too busy for the last week or so. We've been on spring break, so that will be our topic of conversation for the next post or two.

The kids had two weeks and one day off from school for spring break.  I had my spring break during their second week, which was nice because our fall breaks back in October didn't align at all. 

We started spring break with Spencer's 8 year- 6 month photo shoot on March 6th.  I'm getting ever so slightly FREAKED OUT by this kid turning nine this year.

We remembered pretty close to bed time and just did it in his room.

I worked on Monday the 7th, which ended up being a pretty ho-hum day, except for when I had an extended conversation about the Smurfs with my supervisor.

Elliott and I made a batch of orange creamsicle muffins on Tuesday the 8th.  I could not tell you one single other thing that happened that day.  
We had a fun and busy day on Wednesday the 9th.  First we met Maryellen at TC Eggington's for lunch.  There are no pictures.  Then we went to see her fabulous new house in Mesa.  There are no pictures.  Then we went to the Museum of Natural History.  There is ONE picture.  This puzzle that Spencer put together.
After that we met Michael at Tempe Marketplace for iced coffee (adults) and cookies (kids).  There are no pictures.  Elliott and I also went to Penzey's and bought a bunch of spices.  You guessed it.  No pictures.

I worked on Thursday the 10th.  It was also Ginger's 14th birthday so we made a big deal about it that evening.

She got scrambled eggs and pumpkin puree for dinner.

Family pictures.  Elliott's hair is not wet.  He put lotion on it.

Both of the kids went to the allergy doctor on Friday.  We're going to wait a few months and then do allergy testing for Elliott.  After the appointments the kids and I drove to Tucson.  Michael drove down in his car after work.

The kids spent the night with Michael's parents on Friday night which meant a late night date night for us.

First we had to get coffee so we could stay awake for a 10 pm showing of Deadpool.

We were waiting to go into the theater when I took this picture. I loathe when people take unauthorized pictures of other people, but I just had to show you these sandals. You can't see her face, so I feel semi-OK about it. This girl appeared to be on a first or maybe second date.  I think she laced up her sandals way, way, WAY too tight.  They looked painful.  Can you imagine her legs when she takes them off?

We were at the theater during reverse happy hour, so I got a glass of wine.
And Michael got a glass of wine that he saved for me so I didn't have to miss any of the movie to order another glass.
And that, my friends, is Spring Break week one.  I really should include Saturday to make it a full week, but I'm not going to.  It's my blog and I will do what I want. 


Sherry said...

Awe, happy birthday, Ginger! You are a lucky girl to be so loved. Yay for date night, but I doubt I could stay awake for such a late movie. Haha! And those legs hurt just looking at hers. Yikes! She may have permanent nerve damage!

Cat said...

Aww, I used to love The Smurfs. I went as one for Halloween when I was three or four, but I digress. Yeah, I don't think I could wear those sandals. ouch