Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Family dance and kid dates

Spencer's school hosted a family dance on Friday night.  They did it last year as well, but the kids were either sick or we were out of town.  I don't really remember.

There was a luau theme for the dance.

We dressed accordingly.

And threw in a silly picture for Elliott.
The dance was held under the big ramada outside of the cafeteria, on the playground.  I was happy to see a good turn out.  These things are always more fun when more people are there.  Oh and lest you worry about a dance being held outside in February, the high that day was 85 degrees and it was in the 70's the whole time we were there.

There was a snow cone truck, so we bought two for the kids.
See the guy in all black?  That's the principal.  It's so nice that he dressed up/dressed for the theme of the night.
Spencer spent most of the night with his friends running around being crazy, so there aren't many pictures of him.  I did get a few of him participating in the "surfing" contest.

Elliott was the only preschool kid to go up for the surfing contest for preschoolers so he won a prize by default.

He also GOT DOWN on the dance floor.

A family dance is not my number one choice of activity for a Friday night, but it was only two hours long,  the kids had a total blast and it was reasonably fun for the adults, so I am glad we went.  Spencer already asked if we can go again next year.

On Saturday morning we split up and each parent took one kid on a "date".  My two sons have done nothing but fight for months now and we thought that breaking them up and giving them some individualized attention might help.  We're planning on switching kids this upcoming Saturday.

Michael and Spencer went out for breakfast burritos and Starbucks.  They came home after they ate and played video games.

Elliott and I went to the Gilbert Farmer's Market.  We saw Mr. Chad and bought food from his food truck.  Then we went to Ross to look for new shoes for Elliott.  We didn't find any.  Well, we did, but not in his size. Then we went to Walmart and bought shelf liner.

After our kid dates we stayed at home for the rest of the day except for a quick family trip to Trader Joe's.  I needed ingredients to make a nibbly, snacky type dinner for the date that Michael and I had on the couch that night.  

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Sherry said...

I love your Hawaiian family picture...you make a stunning Hawaiian girl (even if you are a little on the pale side...hehe). Yet another similarity between Brody and Elliott...their dancing skills. Brody (and Evan at that age) loved to dance and really had some moves. Sadly, Evan lost most of his to age and more self-consciousness. Haha! We haven't done any of the school family dances at Evan's school, but this really makes me want to give it a shot. And I think your separate dates with the kids is such a great idea! We need to implement that ASAP. :-)