Sunday, December 13, 2015

Winston Watch 2015- Part 1

Winston showed up the day after Thanksgiving (Friday, November 27th) when we were still in Tucson.  He was on the kitchen island, resting in a little bed made from towels (that first trip of the year from the North Pole is exhausting) and he brought new jammies for the kids from Santa.
On Saturday the 28th he tried to help my dad hang the lights outside and there was a bit of a mishap.  Winston knocked the ladder out from underneath him!  Thank goodness he somehow got hooked onto the lights as he fell.
We drove home on Sunday the 29th.  Winston was conveniently hanging out in a bag we needed to take with us.  He was right by the door and had hung the car keys on his hat, probably to make sure we didn't leave him behind.

On Monday the 30th Winston turned himself into a snow globe on the kitchen counter.
On the first day of December Winston turned the kids into elves and hung them on the wall.  What an artist!
On Wednesday the 2nd Winston was sledding with a bunch of Snoopies. You can't see the whole thing in this picture, but there was a board slanting off of the dining room table.  He had my yoga mat at the bottom for a safe and soft landing.

On Thursday the 3rd Winston and the Snoopies had a slumber party in Snoopy's house.

On Friday the 4th Winston made a beautiful snow angel and brought the kids a light-up snowman.
Winston got himself into a bit of trouble on Saturday the 5th. We think he was probably climbing up to the shower head and got all caught up in the toilet paper.
Sunday the 6th brought some more mischief.  Winston was probably teasing the dinosaurs and they chased him all over the house until he took refuge on top of a picture.
On Monday the 7th Winston brought a great nightlight for the hallway.  He left a note saying that sometimes it's really dark in our house when he gets back from the North Pole and he has a hard time walking around.
On Tuesday the 8th Winston was trying to deliver some presents and his truck broke down.  Thankfully he found some tiny tools to fix the engine.

Winston turned himself into a Christmas decoration on Wednesday the 9th.  He makes a really cute penguin.
Winston was in the bathroom covered in band-aids on Thursday the 10th.  He appeared to be healthy and injury free, so we think he was just playing another joke on us.
We woke up on Friday the 11th to Winston poking out of the ice chute in the freezer.  Maybe he was trying to build an igloo.  Or maybe he just wanted a cold drink.
Elliott's birthday party was on Saturday the 12th and Winston found a safe place on top of the kitchen window valance to watch the action.  He had a Snoopy up there with him, to 1) keep him company, and 2) because it was a Snoopy party!
More Winston adventures to come!


Sherry said...

Oh Winston! You are such a hoot, and I love reading about your silly antics. And you know our Brewster gets a few ideas from you. ;-) But you better be careful trying to hang Christmas lights. Maybe stick the safer and more elf friendly tasks of making and eating sweet treats. Ha!

Cat said...

I love your Winston posts!