Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thanksgiving Day 2015

My contributions to the Thanksgiving table this year were a corn pudding, praline topped sweet potatoes and homemade dinner rolls.

I was going to make two batches of the dinner rolls, but then the times were going to be different for rising, etc, so I decided to go with two stand mixers to make two batches at the same time.

Things are really serious in the kitchen when you have double stand mixers going at the same time.
Once all the cooking was done it was time for the official 2015 family picture (done in 3 takes, thank you very much)

And official kid pictures.
This is the first year that Spencer didn't wear the turkey shirt (that Elliott is wearing here) since he was five.  I'd like to point out that Elliott is three and that shirt is a 4T.  Spencer wore it at five, six and seven.  Elliott most likely won't ever wear it again.

Ginger needed a glamour shot too.  A strangely angled, artistic beauty shot. 

These were bread with apples, pears, apple butter, brie cheese and prosciutto.  I could have eaten just these and been happy.

Chorizo and cheese stuffed jalapenos 

Caprese skewers 
Lois and I were pretty much wearing the same outfit, except mine had a print.

Blue dresses, 

leggings and flats. 
Nick had promised my aunt (via facebook post) a shiny nickel if she knew the answer to something.  Here he is making good on that promise. 

The kids ran around like maniacs.  Another little boy, Lucas, joined us for the day with his dad and grandma so it was little boy heaven. 

Nick bought a heritage turkey and wanted a picture of it, but my dad got to it too quickly. 

Half of my dinner rolls!  They did have to bake in batches. 
Me and Jerry, looking unflattering since Nick refused to stand up to take the picture, so we're looking down at the camera, which is not advised. 

Boys being boys 

Michael and his dad.  His mom was sick and missed the whole day.  Boo. 

Uncle Terry and Lois 

My dad, Sheila, Jerry and my Aunt Kathy 

Sheila, my mom and Dan 

The kids sat outside. 

Aunt Karen and Jerry 

My dad, and Ginger waiting for a little morsel. 

Nick and Lois 
My corn (in the back) and sweet potatoes, with the dressing my mom made.  It was like Carb Nation for days in that house. 

Papa joined the boys.  I never did ask what they talked about. 

Me and Sheila

Me and my mom 

With two of my four aunts 

All the ladies 

Nick made pumpkin donut bread pudding in the crock pot. 

Pie City, which was part of Carb Nation. 

Nick photobombed the pies. 

And then photobombed again. 

And then played the roll of a creepy pie stalker. 

My plate of dessert.  I wish I could eat some pie right now. 
My brother Nathan was celebrating his 39th birthday on Thanksgiving.  We took a group picture to send to him in Florida.

The sign didn't show up very well though, so it got an individual photo session. 
Elliott was filthy that night from running around outside for hours, so he took a nice warm shower and then watched cartoons in Gramme and Grandpa's bed while we washed dishes.   
And that is that.  That was our Thanksgiving.  It was a good one.

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Sherry said...

Isn't it funny how different our kids' sizes are? Spencer and Evan are just such scrawny dudes that their little brothers will probably dwarf them completely in a couple more years. Any 4T shirts or pants Brody still has are too short in the arms and legs, and the jeans are too tight in the waist. If he wears them around the house, he ends up unbuttoning them so he looks like Al Bundy watching TV with his pants unbuttoned. Haha! He has Evan's old 5's, 6's, and some 7's on his side of the closet and can wear them all easily. Now, Evan's side of the closet is sadly quite bare. Sigh. What a fun day filled with great food and family/friends! Oh and tell Nick he is just AWESOME...much like his sister! :-)