Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Eek!  I was going to be so good about blogging in this time between Christmas and New Years so that I could beat the number of posts I did in the previous year for the first time ever.  And here we are on the 29th and I haven't done a post for days.  I even pre-loaded these pictures to make it easier.

Last Monday, December 21st was the first day of break for me and the kids.  We had planned on going to Krispy Kreme and then the Museum of Natural History, but it turns out the museum is closed on Mondays, so we went to the park instead.

I was really proud of Elliott for all the climbing he did.  His confidence level and motor skills really have improved since doing physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Although it was postponed by a day we did do donuts and the museum on Tuesday the 22nd.  The whole point in going was to have snowman donuts, but they were out of them and they only had two Santa belt donuts left.  Every donut we had was disappointing.

Then we spent a long time at the museum.  We actually went to the museum, to lunch and then back to the museum.

We followed it up with a trip to see Dorothy (our former baby-sitter) since we hadn't seen her in a few months.
Wednesday the 23rd was spent packing and getting ready for Tucson.  We'll just have to wait and see what kind of posts I can throw together in the next two days about the holidays.

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Sherry said...

I love how you celebrated the first days of Christmas break. I love going to the natural history museum. We are definitely due another visit. As you can see, I am using the excuse of "watching" football to catch up on my blog reading. Hehe! But you know I am cheering on my Panthers right now. ;-)