Thursday, December 10, 2015

Party all the time

This past weekend was the first of several upcoming weekends in which I felt like we just partied. Which is not a bad thing, but it can be tiring.

I started Saturday at Gloria's house for a Christmas luncheon for people that do or did work at Frank School.  I haven't worked at Frank for 8 years and not one person at this party was there when I was there, but as is the case with most things Frank, we're all friends now.

I stole every one of these pictures from facebook.

First we ate lunch.

And then we did a gift exchange.  You know, the kind where everybody brings a gift and then you get a number and pick a gift from under the tree and you can steal someone else's gift.

I got a nice mug with a sweater print, hot cocoa mix and chocolate truffles.  Nobody stole it from me, thank goodness.

Sydney (who is the current speech language pathologist at Frank) got my gift.  It was six wine glasses full of candy.

While I was gone Michael and his dad put in electrical outlets for our front yard.  It's the most marvelous thing to ever happen.  We have seriously lacking outside electricity.

We took our Christmas picture on Saturday too, but you can't see it yet.  

That night we went to dinner and then went to the tree lighting parade.  The last time we went to this parade I was pregnant with Elliott.  It was freezing cold and started pouring about 45 minutes into the parade.  I started having contractions that night.  We went home and I drank a lot of water a layed on the couch and they stopped.  But not really because I went into full blown labor 2 days later.

Anyway, this year's parade was better.  I was not pregnant, it was warm, it didn't rain and I was not pregnant.  Did I mention that I wasn't pregnant?  

Four years ago, the day after the parade that got rained out, I stayed home and rested on the couch while Michael and Spencer went to Desmond's second birthday party at Kiwanis park.  This year the day after the parade we all went to Desmond's sixth birthday party at Kiwanis park.  He was nice enough to share his party with his sister who is turning three.  But don't think for a second that you'll be seeing these kids, because, you know, I never did get a picture of the birthday children.

Spencer was 8 years 3 months that day.  We did his photo shoot in the park.

Only, according to him, it was too bright.

I was really surprised that Elliott attempted these ropes.  I think his PT and OT really did help.

We tried again towards the ends of the party.  His cheeks are rosier, but at least his eyes are open.


I did get a picture of the birthday kid's mom.  That counts for something.

We got home around dinner time on Sunday, when we remembered that we had never gotten the mail out of the box on Saturday.  I was delighted to see a package from ebay in there.

My friend Megan bought me a Target 2007 snow globe so I could complete my collection. I've been missing 2007 since (obviously) 2007 because I started collecting frames and putting our Christmas picture in them but didn't do a snow globe until the next year.  It was poor planning on my part.

But look.  It's now been fixed.

Hello 2007 snow globe.  You're so pretty!

Thanks again, Megan. I've been in there every single day to look at it.

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Sherry said...

Yay for not being pregnant and being able to enjoy the awesome light parade! :-) Ugh, that is so Evan squinting if the sun is too bright. They must both have very sensitive eyes to light. Ha! Or maybe they just have "bad" mothers who make them pose for pictures in bright sunny places. ;-) You know, I am so glad E's PT and OT helped him. My kids were always the more cautious type kids often not trying things like this at playgrounds, but ever since I got them a trampoline, they have both been a lot more agile and capable. Neither of them were crazy about bouncy houses either when they were younger, and they both love them now. I think the trampoline was like OT/PT for both of them. I mean, we can't all have a Mr. Chad, right? I love the park pictures. Looks like one of our old favorite parks in Charlotte. I like Spencer's rosy cheeked official picture. It's a keeper!