Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Friday to Friday

I know I harp on the themes of "being caught up" and "being so far behind" on this blog quite often.  I apologize for being so repetitive.  I just feel really stressed out when I fall so far behind and I feel at peace when I'm caught up.  I use this blog as the documentation of our life and memories and I will reference old posts to find out the details about when things happened or what exactly happened, so it's important to me that my own personal reference guide is complete.

I'm almost caught up in the time-line of our lives, but there are some posts like "where has Winston been this year" and "the holiday decorations" that I'd like to get in here in a timely fashion as well.   I've also been horrible with my reading and commenting on friends blogs.  I will remedy that soon, I promise.

The day after Thanksgiving Michael and I actually got up fairly early and went shopping.  Not for presents, but for a new mattress for the guest bedroom.  There were some ridiculously good Black Friday deals and we just couldn't pass on them, as much as I don't like going out on Black Friday.  We also looked for a new Christmas tree, but we were too late and the screaming deals were all sold out.

That evening we went to see Mockingjay Part 2.  I tried to take a picture of our shoes, but you can only see mine.
We went to the dine-in theater and were there during happy hour.  There is NOTHING IN THE WORLD like watching a movie in a leather reclining seat whilst sipping on half price wine.
On Saturday I went to a three hour brunch with my mom and her friends.  Then Michael and I mostly just lounged around the house.  We think.  We can't actually can't remember.   I don't even know why I took this picture.
That evening I met some friends from high school for happy hour drinks.  I really had not seen either of them since May 1997 despite the fact that they both live in Tucson and I'm in Tucson all the time.  

I had washed the jeans that I wanted to wear that evening and I knew they were going to be tight and uncomfortable so I jokingly asked Michael to put them on and stretch them out for me.

He actually did it.

I think they look better on him.  I mean, look at that shapely butt.

I met up with everyone at Michael's parents house.  Elliott and Grandma were twins.
Saturday was Mr. Chad's (Elliott's occupational therapist) birthday, so we emailed him some pictures.  The idea was better than the finished result.

Our plan was to get up on Sunday and get going so we could get home in a timely manner.  

For the first time since we got to Tucson on Wednesday Ginger climbed into bed with my dad.  She didn't want to leave.
We did get on the road by about 10, which is hours earlier than we normally leave.  It helped that the kids didn't even get dressed and wore their jammies home.
It also helped that we picked up some coffees for the road.  I got the holiday flat white.  It is not the best.  I prefer just the plain flat white.
We got home around noon and I unpacked while Michael worked on the outside lights.  Then at 2:00 we went to meet the Grinch at a local bookstore.

We neglected to have Elliott watch the movie ahead of time, so he had no idea who he was, but he still had fun.

The we had cookies and more coffee at the adjoining restaurant.

I'm going to do an entire post about our Christmas decorations, but here is a sneak peek.  We bought heavy duty suction cups for the wreaths to hang on the windows.  They have worked surprisingly well.

My amazing $15 find from New Year's eve last year.  The wreath cost just slightly more than the bow.
I had to work on Monday so there are no pictures.

On Tuesday I put the kids in their new jammies (brought by Winston) for the first "in front of the tree" photo session of the year.
There are no pictures from Wednesday and Thursday either because the only pictures I took are of Winston and decorations.  And both of those will be their own post soon.  

On Friday we decided that since he had already met the Grinch Elliott really needed to watch the Grinch.  So we had a family jammies and movie night.

Complete with boozy eggnog (Michael) and pinot noir (me).

And a roaring fire.  That we had to turn off because it was too hot.

The weekend (which was just this past weekend!) was full of festivities so I will try my best to get that post done before we are faced with this weekend and Elliott's birthday party.

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Sherry said...

You know we are exactly alike in the whole getting stressed out when we fall behind in blogging and using our blogs as our main way of documenting life. I don't know what people did before blogging to keep up or remember the details of their lives. It's just unthinkable to me! I too had fallen behind in my reading and commenting on friends' blogs, and I have been trying to remedy that this past week before the Christmas craziness and end of the year. I simply must be able to start the New Year off fresh and clean, you know? Can you believe I haven't seen Mockingjay Part 2 yet? Sigh. I can just buy it now, but I hate not seeing it in the theater. We just haven't had anyone to watch the kids in a long time, and I don't think they (mainly Brody) will sit through that one. We might try to see it at our cheap theater that shows older movies. I don't mind taking the kids there because if we have to leave before the movie is over at least we didn't spend a lot of money. Haha to Michael being able to wear your jeans! There is no way Eddie could fit his huge thighs in my pants. I actually have bird thin legs and basically no butt, and he has giant thighs and a much nicer butt. I can say that my legs are just as long as his though, and I am only 5'2 to his 6'. Weird, right? It is very hard to find pants to fit him. Oooo, I wish I could find a Grinch meeting around here. I would love to get the kids' pictures with him. Way cooler than Santa! ;-) I thought about getting some of those jammies at Target after I saw your boys in them, but I have been disappointed that most of Target's pajama selections lately have been polyester instead of cotton. I just know my kids will sweat to death in polyester ones. Sigh. I wanted to check out Gymboree for some, but I haven't been to the mall in forever. Your kids do look so cute in their T-Rex Christmas jammies. I hope they can both wear them another year because they are too awesome for just one year of use. Oh and I hope E watched the older Grinch cartoon and not the crappy newer one with Jim Carrey. I am actually not a big Jim Carrey fan. Haha! Okay I typed that before I had scrolled down and saw the pictures. Yay for the cartoon one! I actually like to write my comment as I read and scroll because I always have way to much to comment on and will forget something.