Wednesday, December 16, 2015

All the stuff that isn't Winston or Elliott's birthday

I started writing this blog on December 16, 2008.  It's my seven year blogiversary!

Here is a screen shot of my first ever post.
Every year of my blogging has resulted in less posts than the year before.  And every year I promise myself I'm going to put a stop to that streak.  This is the first year that it's even remotely possible though.  Usually I notice in November that I would need to do something like 50 posts in a month to catch up to the year before.  This year though, after I post this, I will need to write eight more posts to be even and nine more posts to have one more than last year.   I'm gonna do it!  I can't fail!  (*now that I put it out there in the world I'm totally going to fail.)

We have had so much going on with getting ready for Elliott's birthday and Christmas that my "general life" photography has been seriously lacking.  This post is just a ho-hum summary of the past week or so.

Last Tuesday, the 8th, Elliott and I went shopping to look for a dog bone cookie cutter for his party.  We didn't find one, but we did find this javelina one.  You know, for all the times you want a javelina shaped cookie.
I had bought a turkey on sale after Thanksgiving and later that day I put it in the oven to roast for dinner.  Within minutes Michael let me know that his car had overheated (a hose broke loose) and he needed me to drive to Phoenix to rescue him.

The turkey was still delicious despite a total lack of supervision.
On Wednesday the 9th I took Spencer to the orthodontist.  He still has his palate expander in, but his palate is expanded enough and we don't need to turn the key anymore.  He's getting his first set of braces in January.

We voted on gingerbread houses while we were there.

I was off work on Thursday the 10th for a random holiday that is only celebrated on the reservation.  I took Spencer to an appointment with his dermatologist.  These appointments always take like 62 hours and we were all incredibly bored whilst waiting.

We stopped for some coffee, hot cocoa and milk on the way home.

Oh, and while we were waiting for a red light this guy next to us pulled out a book and just started reading.  He was laughing at the book too.  What if he reads all his books at red lights?  I guess if you drove enough and drove on enough surface streets you could get a lot of reading done.
On Friday our family friend Daniel, who was the ring bearer in our wedding, got ENGAGED.  Do you have any idea how old that makes me feel?  Here is a terrible, scanned picture of Daniel in our wedding.  Scanned because we got married before digital photography.  Do you have any idea how old that makes me feel?
Anyway, I took this picture of the basket that Daniel carried the rings in for our wedding and shared it with him on Facebook.  I only put it out at Christmas time so it was very convenient timing.
On Sunday the 13th I saw this picture in a group that I belong to on Facebook.  I sent it to Lauren and asked her if we could use cockfest bowls for the lunch she's feeding my girl's group on Saturday. 

I dressed Elliott in his holiday best for school on Monday the 14th.

And then I joined him in his class for a holiday craft.

We also sent out our holiday cards on Monday.  This is all of them except the 15 that we hand delivered.
Tuesday was a freezing cold day.  I'm not sure if it even got out of the 40's during the day.  Temperatures like that are unheard of in the Phoenix area.  Ginger, being a sun loving dog, did not handle it well.  As the day went on she got more and more intimate with the blanket.  I think she was on the couch for about four straight hours.

Elliott helped her with the initial wrapping, but the burrowing was all her.

And OK, I admit, I "tidied" the blankets for the photo op.

Don't even ask what Elliott is wearing.  It was just one of those days.

We also got the presents for the kids' teachers ready yesterday.  We gave them wrapping paper, tape and gift tags with a cute little poem.

We delivered them today and they seemed appreciative.

Alrighty then.  That catches us up to today, which, in addition to the blogiversary, was Elliott's 4th birthday.  That will probably be the next post.  And then I have an actual list of post ideas to reference in order to keep myself on track until the end of the year.  Go me. 


Valerie said...

Those pictures of Ginger are killing me. That's hilarious. And way to go Elliott on writing his name so well. That's amazing.

Sherry said...

The number of my blog posts every year dwindles too, but I don't think we are actually putting any less content out there. I just think our posts are way longer and more photo intensive than they used to be. So if you do ever want to print these years out, just be aware that less posts will not ultimately mean a shorter book. Haha! I actually decided this year to start doing more of the photo collages to make mine more manageable for printing in the future. My previous years will probably make multiple books for printing. Ugh, I completely know how old that makes you feel. My ring bearer was my little cousin, and he has finished high school. My junior groomsman who was another favorite little cousin of mine has a baby. I see pictures of my little flower girl who was Eddie's friend's daughter, and she is just so grown up now. It is crazy! Elliott is too cute in his holiday best. I miss those little preschool parties and crafts. Sigh. You were definitely way ahead of me with the cards. If you don't get yours before Christmas, just know it is coming, okay? You've already seen it though. ;-) I like the gift wrap teacher gifts. Great idea! I need to pin that for next year.