Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Festive House- 2015

I stitched together pictures that I have been taking all month long for this post.  I hope it actually flows better than I anticipate it will. 

The outside during the day.  This was as we were doing the lights on the house.  You can see that they are not finished yet.
The new big, huge awesome wreath.  We bought two industrial wreath holding suction cup hooks to hang it.  I should knock on wood as I type this, but it hasn't fallen at all.

I moved the old door wreath to the other front window.  It's also being held with a suction cup.  It fell once.

The house all pretty at night.

The snowman died a few days ago.  I'm not sure why Michael hasn't moved the carcass yet.

I think the three wreaths are too close to each other but I don't care and I don't plan to change it.  The wreath on the door was a fantastic find after Christmas last year.  I want to say it was less than $5.

The entry way table.  The basket is getting pleasantly filled with holiday greetings.

The dining room

Server on the right.  The nativity blocks are new.
Server on the left.  I still can't bring myself to remove the price tag from the art because I'm so, so proud of the price.  It was 90% off.

The new wine refrigerator that my parents gave us since they replaced theirs.  

The hutch

The living room with lights on.

The living room with lights off.

The tree in all its glory.  You can see all the sections where the pre-light lights are out.  Eh, it's still pretty.

The tree in less glory.

I put Epsom salt in this jar this year and created a lovely little winter scene.  I want to leave it up all year but recognize it would be ridiculous in July.

Hallway closet

To the left of the bench.  The chalkboard says Happy Birthday Elliott *4*.  The writing is actually from his 1st birthday.  All I have changed is the number each year.  I wonder how long that bionic chalk will last.

On the way to the kitchen

All of the canvas prints I have collected for the kitchen.

I got a little out of control.  I also insisted on not adding any nail holes to the wall so they are all hanging on the nails that were already there.  Some of the spacing and heights are a little off, but, whatever.

Plug in night lights.  I got them at Kohl's using Kohl's cash, so they were free.

The window sill above the sink.  And my reflection in the glass.

Entertainment center with Elliott's birthday cards.

And that is it for this year!  I know I didn't get every little detail in here, but it's enough to give you a pretty good taste of the house for Christmas 2015.  


Sherry said...

As usual, your decorations are epic! I love that giant wreath and may have to be on the lookout for a good deal on one after Christmas. I also love those new nativity blocks. Where did you find those? They are just so neat. I really actually love simple nativities like that. :-)

Cat said...

Love seeing your decorations!