Monday, August 31, 2015

Pictures and more OT and conferences

We had family pictures taken with Michael's family on July 11th.  We got the disc with all of the images two weeks later.  And then, somehow, we waited weeks and weeks and weeks and didn't order anything until last weekend.

I woke up last Sunday (the 23rd- I'm, of course, a little behind on blogging) on a mission to re-do this wall.

This is in the family room.  The fireplace is to the right.  This is the "before".
This could be considered the "during". We thought it was going to be the "after", but I wasn't happy with it. It wasn't balanced and full enough.
So, we ordered more prints on Monday.

I also wanted to add pictures to the wall in the entry hallway.


The only thing different on the right side is the picture of Michael's parents. 
After on the left side.  The before picture isn't very good so you can't really tell what's different.  Sorry.  Now we just need to take new pictures with my side of the family and as long as no new babies are born, we'll be good to go.
We had another surprise OT session last Monday.  Chad (the OT) called me at about 9:00 to cancel our Wednesday session.  He said we could either skip it entirely or reschedule, so I chose to reschedule at 1:00 that same day.  So, once again we headed off to the hospital.

This is the scoring sheet for the long form of the Sensory Profile.  Elliott is "much more than others" for Low Registration, Touch and Body Position.  He is "more than others" for Movement.  He is average or "just like the majority of others" for all other areas. There is nothing surprising to me about any of this.

Chad started the session with a lot of swinging.  Elliott LOVED it.  It was really hard to photograph though.

On Tuesday Elliott and I went grocery shopping.  I bought these at Sprouts for $1.99.  They totally made my day. 

I went out in the middle of a huge monsoon storm on Tuesday evening to attend Spencer's parent/teacher conference.  No one was scheduled after me so we ended up talking for an hour.  Spencer is doing very, very, VERY well in 2nd grade.

I had Elliott's conference on Wednesday morning.  He went with me. 
Elliott is also doing great in school.  He is way ahead of where he needs to be for preschool.  He can consistently count to 40, he knows all of his letters, he can identify about 8 letter sounds, he can identify all numbers up to 20, he knows all of his basic shapes and colors and he can write his name, although the E is a little suspect.
Wednesday was National Dog Day.  We waited very patiently for Michael to get home from work so we could take a family picture.  

While we waited Spencer wanted to take my picture while I took his.

We used the timer on the camera.  Ginger was not incredibly cooperative,

but at least we got a decent picture.
I'm going to try to be very good and on top of it to get all caught up because this weekend is the big double birthday weekend, so there will be much to discuss very soon.


Jeannette said...

Love the pic wall, love the flowers, and I want to swing in that thing!

Cat said...

I'm reading those going parent teacher conferences in August?! And then of course I remembered, oh, yeah, you start much earlier than us. :)