Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bathroom cabinet and tour

I was going to write a post about staining the bathroom cabinet, but once I loaded all the pictures it was kind-of lame and boring, so I decided to turn it into an entire bathroom and closet tour.  I seem to have fallen off the wagon with the home tour posts and I'm sure I didn't ever show all of the rooms, so consider this my official return.  I think I still have to do the guest room, kitchen and family room.  And I guess the back yard could be included too.

Anyway.  Here we go.  The newly stained cabinet/bathroom/closet tour!

This was Friday.  The doors were off and waiting in the garage.  I taped around the walls and put down the drop cloth- which was a $1 shower curtain liner that I cut up into pieces.

First coat on Friday.  It always looks awful.

Saturday- after the second coat.

Sunday- after the third coat.  The flash made it look way lighter than it really was.

A week later- after two top coats.
Since we were doing the stain we decided to also change out the cabinet liner.  Nobody will ever see it except for us, but it's a nice little touch that is pretty cheap.  We used peel and stick tile again, just like in the other bathroom and the linen closet.



The impact is much less glamorous with all the stuff packed on top.

The other side of the cabinet.

A before- taken more than a year ago.

And an after!
Now for the tour part of the post.

This is standing in our bedroom looking into the bathroom.  It drives me crazy that builders don't put a door between these two rooms.  Who wants to lay in bed and listen to their spouse get ready at 4:30 in the morning when they don't have to get up for another 2.5 hours? NOT me!  That's why Michael is banished to the hallway bathroom during the week.
A full view of the mirrors and lights we changed last year and the newly finished cabinets.  I'd love to put in new faucets but these are three piece faucets which are pricey, pricey, pricey.
As you walk to the tub you turn right and there is the shower and to the right of that, the toilet room.  That sounds so disgusting, but let's be real.  That's what it is.  The toilet room.

A close-up of the shower. I hate this thing.  I cannot wait until we have the money to rip it out and build a doorless walk-in shower.  

It's plenty roomy, but the plastic and the brass and the frosted glass and the disgusting floor.  Blech.

The inside.  The little seat/shelf is the only thing I like about the inside.
The shower head is great, but not so nice looking.  I want to replace it with like 5 shower heads in my tiled shower room.
Last year we took down the towel bar and put in hooks.  That blue towel has been my hair towel since either the end of high school or beginning of college.  I'm sure I had it as a freshman in college but I don't remember exactly when I got it.  My hair routine would be ruined without that towel. I once left it in Colorado for 3 months (in 2002) and I was like a lost soul for those 90 days.
The toilet room.  

We put towel bars in here.  They are very handy for our beach towels after swimming and for when hanging delicate clothes that can't be dried.

Standing in the bathroom looking back at the bedroom.  You can see the closet on the left.

I would very much like to take down the mirror and brass doors and put in plain wood doors.
The closet.  I probably occupy 2/3 of it and Michael 1/3.  Michael keeps a lot of his work clothes in the guest room closet because, as I mentioned before, he gets ready in the hallway bathroom on days that he works.
A few years back my mom and dad took down all of the wall hanging pieces in my childhood room.  I either had to take them or they were going to give them away.  These were the pieces that I couldn't part with. This just looks like my childhood.  I have hooks hanging to the left and below this that all of my bras hang on.  Nobody needs to see that though.  
All of my perfumes, scented lotions and body sprays.  Nail polish is underneath.  The plastic drawers on top have bracelets.
All of my necklaces. 

The name frames are from Hawaii and Megan gave me the little statue in the middle.

My childhood stuffed animal that I slept with every day until well after I got married.  His name is Bunny.
I insist on separating our laundry as it goes into the hamper so it's easy to pick up one hamper and wash just those contents.  There is one for darks, one for lights, one for socks and underwear, and one for my workout clothes.  If there was space I would add two more: dark delicates and light delicates.  There's not enough space though, so it remains an organizing dream.

The back of the closet door.  
And that is all.  I hope you enjoyed it. I actually very much enjoyed writing this.  I should reflect on that and figure out what is missing in my life that makes writing a blog post about my closet enjoyable.  And then write a blog post about that.


Megan said...

Oh bunny you are so cute! And what's with my gift being banished to the closet? You do know that storing nail polish floor level is practically an invitation to a 3 yr old to do his own nails right?

Sherry said...

Wow! Staining those cabinets made a huge difference. I know it was hard work, but it looks great so it was definitely worth it. You and I seem to have similar tastes and distaste for outdated cabinets, lighting, and hardware. I was over all the outdated brass fixtures in our last house which is why I made Eddie help me spray paint the dining room fixture last summer. If you have any other hardware or fixtures that you haven't replaced yet, you can try the oil rubbed bronze spray paint trick as a cheaper or temporary fix until you replace them. We did the doorknob and knocker on our front door too, and it held up well. I have seen people do interior door knobs as well. Of course, I don't know about using that trick on bathroom surfaces that get wet like shower doors and faucets. Yes, the no door to the bathroom could get pretty annoying. Haha! And are you correcting my name for the toilet room? Hehe! I just thought the European term "water closet" sounded so much more appealing than toilet. Of course, toilet in french is not the commode. ;-) And yes, I am with you on hating disgusting glass shower doors and floors. I tried for years to get the shower floor clean in our Charlotte house. Finally, a few months ago, I got the epiphany to try a metal scrubbing pad (for pots and pans), and it worked so easily. I was hating myself for not using that earlier. I had used toothbrushes and even tried scrapping it with an old metal nail file but nothing worked but the metal scrubbing pad. Haha! Oooo, you could do those cool looking sliding barn doors to your closet. Haha! Of course, I am not sure how much those costs. Maybe you could ask the Gaines' from Fixer Upper since they use them all the time. I love that your closet is like your own little personal space. So cute!