Monday, July 7, 2014

The non-holiday part of last week

I have 86 separate posts to write about the 4th of July holiday weekend, but before I start in on all of that I'd like to wrap up the non-holiday part of last week.  Hey, I like that.  I think I'm going to make it the title of this post.
On Monday (last week) Michael and I were clipping Ginger's raptor claws when she flinched.  I severed her nail artery and she bled, profusely, all over us, herself and the floor.  I created a make-shift bandage with a paper towel, one of Elliott's socks and some masking tape.  I have now become my father (who is famous for doing the exact same thing with all of our dogs).
On Tuesday we had a underoo photo session before bedtime showers.

It's because of this type of "play" that we had to go to IKEA yesterday to buy new laundry hampers.

I'd really like to have Spencer's body fat composition done.  I'll bet you he is 5% fat to 95% muscle and that all of his fat is on his baby belly.
After showers Elliott showed off his new jammies from Kohls.
I took this before I went to bed at 11:30ish.  Sleeping in his own room is still going great.  We hung a dark sheet behind his curtains and it's even darker in there now, so he's sleeping a little later too.
On Wednesday we decided to make bird feeders.  We had bought the bird seed and found the pinecones the week before, but it took a long time to find a free morning to actually put it all together.  Summer vacation needs to be over so we can have some free time.  Ha!

Elliott has just recently become a big fan of peanut butter and he kept trying to eat it.  I didn't want him eating the peanut butter that was on the knife that was touching the pinecone so I gave him a spoonfull to eat.
Spencer likes peanut butter in the context of dessert (pb brownies or pb cups), but not plain or in a pbj sandwich.

Elliott's feeder
Spencer's feeder


Valerie said...

Have the birds starting flocking (ha ha, I'm so funny) to your yard yet? Those came out great!!

Do you shower both of them at night? Elliott doesn't cry? How does this logistically work? I'm honestly curious because that sounds so much easier (and less messy) than a bath. That's going to get worse for me in the coming months when I can no longer get up off the floor.

Sherry said...

Poor Ginger! I remember how bad those doggy nails can bleed from when I used to do Jingles'. I like your veterinarian skills with bandaging. And yes, underoo playing at bedtime is a must in a house of boys. And even some naked playing after baths when you are trying desperately to get clothes on the crazy toddler in the house. Seriously, it's like dressing an octopus! Haha! Our laundry baskets take a beating too. We just have those plastic ones for folding clean laundry and the boys like to go "sledding" in them. :-) And way to go to Elliott's sleeping his bed all night. Brody has had a relapse of coming in our room all hours of the night and wanting to get in our bed. Sigh.