Monday, July 28, 2014

The last week of summer vacation

I've been working on loading pictures for my next three posts.  Of the three, this post is the most hodgepodge and also the longest.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that once I'm done I'll only be a week behind.
Ginger was enjoying a staycation with my parents in Tucson while we were in California.  On Tuesday I met them half-way and we made the beagle exchange.  She was so un-enthusiastic about coming with me that I had to pick her up and put her in the car.  She loves my parents. 

That day the kids played with their toys from Downtown Disney, although I missed getting a picture of Spencer. 
Elliott was still catching up on his sleep on Wednesday.  This was at the end of his nap.  I had to wake him up because they had their last day of tumbling class.
He does have a pretty cute diaper butt.

Their tumbling class was awesome because parents were not allowed in the room.  His teachers let me come in at the end to see Elliott's log roll.  Apparently it was much improved from the first day.
Wednesday was also the 16th so Elliott was 2 years 7 months old.  We decided to do a photo shoot in the grassy area outside of tumbling.  That is a parking garage in the background.
It wasn't the best session ever, but it wasn't the worst either.  It was mostly just too hot.

We also took a few more at swim lessons that evening. 

On Thursday Spencer had his first acting performance.  The drama class he had been taking put on a showing of Green Eggs and Ham.  Spencer was the fox.

That night we skipped swim lessons to attend Meet the Teacher. 
Spencer and his 1st grade teacher!
On Friday, the very last weekday of summer vacation we met Michael at a place by his work for breakfast.
Then Michael went back to work and we went to the Science Center.  We're members now and it was nice to not feel like we had to do everything because we can go back whenever we want.

That night the kids played with blankets.  Because it wasn't 110 degrees outside or anything.  Monica made these blankets for the kids.  Spencer's is Angry Birds and Elliott's is dinosaurs.
They like to wrap themselves in blankets and run around.

Elliott reminded me of this scene from The Wizard of Oz.
On Saturday we started working on the rather large amount of laundry that had accumulated during and after our trip.
Ginger loves when we wash sheets because she naps on them while they wait to go in the washer.  She has always loved a big pile of laundry.

We had to run to Fresh N Easy for some stuff for dinner that day.  We saw the best car ever.

On Saturday night we had Jeannette and her family stay with us before their early flight the next day.  We had a little birthday celebration for Ellie who turned 4 this week.

And, yay, we are done.  I promise that this was the worst of it.  The next two posts will be much less blah blah blah blah blah.


Valerie said...

I have loved the updates. Also, it's a perfect post when there are Ginger spottings throughout.

Sherry said...

Elliott sleeps in the craziest positions. I love diaper butts and am a little sad I only have Brody's at night now. Sigh. Did you catch Elliott in a sneeze in that one picture? Too cute. It looks like Spencer was one of the few actually in costume for the play. I imagine that is due to his overachieving mother so great job for that. ;-) And Elliott would make a totally cute lion except he wouldn't be cowardly. Ha!

Cat said...

Um, Elliott is adorable!