Thursday, July 31, 2014

The first week of school

Spencer started 1st grade on Monday the 21st and I started work on Tuesday the 22nd.  I didn't take many pictures last week, mostly because it was just a busy, hectic week with school, work and swim lessons still going on.

About four days before Spencer started school I was putting his laundry away when I realized he was in dire need of new shorts.  I actually pulled a pair of 3T shorts out of the drawer that he has still been wearing in the spring.  Once I cleared everything out that was too small or too stained (I don't know what that boy does at recess but he has permanant dirt stains on the butt of all his shorts) he was left with very few school clothes.

A quick trip to Kohls and we were back in business.

This happened on Wednesday.  It was Elliott's fault.
Elliott needed some morning cuddles with Ginger.

We had some pizza dough that needed to be used on Friday.  The kids didn't want pizza so I decided to make cinnamon rolls out of it.  Elliott was angry that he didn't get to help so I gave him some flour and water to play with.  He mostly ate it.

I didn't eat any, but everyone else claimed they were tasty.
And tastier with a bunch of sugar glaze.
So, by the time this posts on Thursday (I'm writing it on Monday) I will be on Day 2 of my "Mommy is Alone" trip to New England.  MA and NH have always been part of the plan, but as of yesterday I am adding an afternoon in Maine as well. 
I get home Monday night.  There will be much blogging about all of it very soon.

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Michael said...

God, Spencer has toothpicks for legs!