Sunday, July 20, 2014

The beach

We woke up on Friday with one plan for the day.  The beach.
After a junky breakfast in the room (fruit loops and cinnamon rolls, oh hello sugar) we headed out. Our hotel was right next to the beach so a short walk was all it took to be right there.  We brought water, snacks, toys, blankets and towels with us so we could just hang out and play all morning.
I don't have a ton to say about the day, the pictures will mostly tell the story.

This was Elliott's first trip to the beach.  It was actually his first trip out of Arizona.  He was a little cautious of the water at first.  He was not a big fan of the waves.

By noon we were getting hungry so we decided to go back to the room for lunch.  We stopped at the hotel pool on our way back and swam for a tiny bit, but it was pretty cold (for our Arizona standards) so we spent most of the time in the hot tub.
Then we headed up to the room, showered, ate, rested, put on new suits, re-sunscreened and went back to the beach. 
That afternoon we found a random crab leg next to a pile of seaweed.  Poor crab.

Elliott was much braver in the afternoon.

Spencer really wanted to go into the water.  It was too cold for me so it was all on daddy.

Then Elliott wanted his turn too.

He loved it so much we had a hard time convincing him to come back out.
Right before we left for the day we buried Spencer in the sand.  Every kid needs to experience this.

That evening we went to Trader Joes for some special drinks and dessert and picked up a pizza from a local place.  We took our picnic back to the beach.  Unfortunately Elliott was over tired (no nap) and acting every bit the part of a two year old and he was an absolute wreck.  The whole evening was just hideous.  So we scarfed down the pizza, guzzled our sparking lemonade and high tailed it back to the room.  We put Elliott to bed and then Michael, Spencer and I sat in the dark in the "living room" and ate our mini chocolate cakes and "laughed" about what a beast Elliott was.


Sherry said...

I am so happy that you all got to finally experience the beach together with Elliott! We have all kinds of beach experiences with our boys from the not liking the waves to the wanting to jump in when we didn't want them too. Haha! It sounds like a very fun but tiring day. I hope Elliott enjoyed his sleep that night. So I have never been in the ocean in California since San Francisco harbor was the closest we got to the ocean. From what I understand, the water temps are a lot colder there than the east coast since the currents come from the Arctic on that side whereas ours come from the tropics, right? Of course, that's also why we get hurricanes. I loved all the pictures of the boys playing and especially of Spencer getting buried in the sand. He looked so cool about it! :-)

Cat said...

Looks like a fun day--well aside from Elliott being cranky of course.